Postpaid broadband plans


Broadband 25

1GB data
    • All Day Access
    • No charges upon exceeding quota
    • Option to purchase MobiFi
RM25 / month

Broadband 45

2GB data
    • All Day Access
    • No charges upon exceeding quota
    • Option to purchase MobiFi
RM45 / month
Prepaid Plan

Broadband 65

4GB + 4GB data
    • 4GB data (Anytime) + 4GB data (Off-Peak)   
    • No charges upon exceeding quote.
    • Promo #1 – Broadband plan rebate of RM 5 x 12 months.
    • Promo #2 – MobiFi device with RM100 off
RM65 / month
Broadband 85

Broadband 85

5GB + 15GB data
    • 5GB data (Anytime) + 15GB data (Off-Peak)  
    • Promo #1 – Broadband plan rebate of RM 10 x 12 months
    • Promo #2 – MobiFi device with RM100 off 
RM85 / month
Broadband 105

Broadband 105

7GB + 18GB data
    • 7GB data (Anytime) + 18GB data (Off-Peak)  
    • Promo #1 – Broadband plan rebate of RM 20 x 12 months
    • Promo #2 – MobiFi device with RM150 off
RM105 / month

Prepaid broadband plan

Prepaid Broadband For PC & Tablet

Prepaid Broadband For PC & Tablet

Only RM20 /starter pack!
Get it with or without Digi USB Modem!
500MB 1GB data + 25 30 Internet Access Days
Reload Value & Validity
Reload Amount Internet Quota Internet Access Days
100MB 200MB
300MB 600MB
RM30 900MB 1.5GB
RM50 1.5GB 2.5GB
RM100 4.5GB 5GB

Tenure Bonus

Reload RM30 or more every month to receive:
  • FREE 100MB each month from the 4th-12th month; or
  • FREE 200MB each month from the 13th month onwards
Use 2GB of Internet quota of more every month to receive:
  • FREE 200MB each month
Tenure Bonus




  • An advance payment of RM50 is required upon sign-up (applicable to Malaysians and non-Malaysians). It will be refunded in the form of rebate in your next monthly bill.
  • An additional deposit of RM100 is required for non-Malaysian customers.
  • Save RM5 each month! Sign up for a supplementary line if you are an existing Principal line holder of a Digi Postpaid Phone Plan. Get a rebate of RM5 / month for six (6) months when you subscribe to Auto Billing. Please note that rebates are only applicable to Principal line holders and supplementary line holders whose monthly bills are separate from the Principal line holder.
  • Upgrade/downgrade within broadband plan is allowed.
  • Change from voice plan to broadband plan is not allowed.
  • If there is any change of plan within the contract period, a premature penalty will be imposed.
  • The device upfront payment is a one-time payment and will not be rebated in your bill.
  • A monthly device fee will be charged to your bill over a 12-month period, on top of the monthly fee.
  • Additional Terms & Conditions apply. 

Portable Broadband Devices

  • All devices are available at selected Digi stores nationwide.
  • A device advance payment is required upon sign-up (inclusive of a registration fee of RM100). Total amount required are as follows:
    - Alcatel Y600 (3G MobiFi) - RM100 (ZERO advance payment + RM100 registration fee)
    - Alcatel Y850 (4G LTE MobiFi) – RM150 (RM50 advance payment + RM100 registration fee)
  • Please view our FAQs and Terms & Conditions for more details.


  • To continue surfing after exceeding your monthly Internet quota, purchase a Postpaid Internet Top Up at
  • Based on 4G Technology Capabilities against 3G as stated by the International Telecommunications Union.





  • Please refer to the Reload Value & Validity table for more reload/quota options. Reload Promo: Get extra Internet quota when you reload from 17 July 2014 - 31 June 2015. This promo is applicable to all new and existing subscribers.
  • Pack Promo: Special pre-loaded SIM Pack value (extra 500MB Internet quota + 5 Internet Access Days) is only applicable to new subscribers who activate the Prepaid Broadband for PC & Tablet starter pack between1 March - 30 June 2015.
  • You can accumulate up to 6GB of Internet Quota (including Internet Quota from Tenure & Usage Bonuses) at any point of time. Any amount that exceeds 6GB will be forfeited.
  • This is a data-only plan. Your SIM card cannot be used to make or receive calls, SMS or MMS.
  • Additional Terms & Conditions apply.

Tenure & Usage Bonuses

  • Open to all new and existing Prepaid Broadband for PC & Tablet subscribers. Please check if you are eligible for Tenure & Usage Bonuses by calling our Digi Customer Service Helpline at 016 221 1800.
  • Upon successful reload, your Tenure Bonus will be granted immediately.
  • Your Usage Bonus assessment will begin on your second month of subscription, based on a full calendar monthly usage volume.
  • If your SIM card activation takes place after the 25th of the month, you will only be eligible for Usage Bonus assessment on your third month of subscription.
  • If you are eligible for Usage Bonus, your Bonus will be granted by the second week of the month (following your eligibility).
  • Please refer to our FAQs for more info. Terms & Conditions apply.
Frequently Asked Questions
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Option 1
Broadband Plans
Who can sign up for a Postpaid Broadband Plan?
Postpaid Broadband Plans are open to all existing Digi subscribers and new customers. Existing Digi Postpaid Phone Plan customer can sign up for a new Broadband plan as a supplementary line and enjoy a RM5 discount every month.
Is there an early termination penalty for the contract?
Yes, there will be a penalty for early termination.
Penalty = Admin Fee + (Monthly Device Fee x Remaining Months)
Can I roam with the new Broadband plans?
Yes. Upon registration, you will be given the choice of activating roaming for your subscription. Subscribers are required to pay a RM300 deposit to activate roaming service.
Can I use my Internet quota when roaming abroad?
Your bundled Internet quota is only applicable for domestic usage i.e. within Malaysia network. Roaming with your Broadband plan will not utilise your bundled Internet quota - you will be charged separately as stated in the prevailing roaming rates chart.
What is the meaning of 4+4 GB, 5+15 GB etc?
Our broadband plans offer bundle Internet, which consists of “anytime quota” and “off-peak quota”
e.g. Broadband 85 (5+15 GB) refers to the bundle come with 5GB Internet for anytime usage, and 15GB for off peak period usage.
When is the off-peak period?
The off-peak period is between the hours of 2am to 8am, every day.
What are the rules for anytime and off-peak quota buckets?
For these plans with 2 quota buckets, the off-peak bucket will take precedence during midnight, as long as there is quota within the bucket,
e.g.        Full Quota
Remaining quota:
          Anytime – 4GB, Off peak – 4GB
Subscriber accesses the Internet at 3AM – The off-peak bucket will be used
Subscriber accesses the Internet at 5PM – The Anytime bucket will be used

Only Anytime Quota
Remaining Quota:
          Anytime – 4GB, Off-peak – 0GB
Subscriber accesses the Internet at 3AM – The Anytime bucket will be used
Subscriber accesses the Internet at 5PM – The Anytime bucket will be use
Are there excess charges after I exceed my monthly quota?
No, there will not be any excess charges after your monthly quota exhausted. You may opt to purchase Quota Top Up from as low as RM1 to resume to optimal speed and continue your Internet experience.
Can I make voice calls and send SMS/MMS using my Broadband subscription?
No, all Broadband plans are only capable of Internet access.
Can I sign up for Broadband MobiFi and enjoy promotion of monthly rebate for Broadband Plan?
The promotion of monthly rebate is only applicable to sign-ups for Broadband Plan only.