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Hourly Pass

RM3 1

for 1 hour

Daily Pass

RM10 5

for 24 hours

  • Limited time offer
  • Requires active internet plan to enjoy this package
  • Terms & conditions applies
  • Fair usage policy applies


Digi Video Freedom pass lets you stream more of your favourite videos and shows from any of the apps below.

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Our current partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digi Video Freedom

Digi Video Freedom
What is Digi Video Freedom?
Digi Video Freedom is an Internet Pass that allows you to watch videos from your favourite video streaming app without Internet charges. This means that video streaming usage will NOT be taken from your base Internet quota.
What are the services covered under Digi Video Freedom?

Currently, Digi Video Freedom supports these video streaming services:

  1. YouTube
  2. iflix
  3. Astro-On-The-Go
  4. Tonton
  5. Viu
  6. Dailymotion
  7. HyppTV Everywhere

More services will be added soon, you can refer to the product page for latest information.

What are the packages available for Digi Video Freedom?

Digi Video Freedom comes in two flavours:

  1. Hourly Pass – RM1, valid for 1 hour upon purchase and Fair Usage Policy of 3GB
  2. Daily Pass – RM5, valid for 24 hours upon purchase and Fair Usage Policy of 10GB
Is this a subscription (recurring) pass?
No, this is not a subscription-based pass. You can purchase as much as you want.
Are there quota limits or Fair Usage Policy for Digi Video Freedom?
Yes - Hourly Pass has a FUP limit of 3GB and Daily Pass has a FUP limit of 10GB.
Can I use Video Freedom pass to surf Internet?
No. Usage outside of video streaming on the supported partners will not be covered under Video Freedom pass.
How many videos can I watch based on the Fair Usage Policy?
For Hourly Pass, you can watch about 60 mins worth of videos at any quality, and for Daily Pass, you can enjoy almost 24 hours of videos at 480p quality.
Who can purchase Digi Video Freedom passes?
Digi customers with active Internet plan can purchase Digi Video Freedom passes.
How can I purchase Digi Video Freedom passes?

You can purchase Digi Video Freedom passes via:

  1. MyDigi app or web
Can I carry forward unused internet quota for next session or purchase?
No, unused internet quota will be forfeited.
How do I check my usage for Digi Video Freedom passes?
You can check the usage in MyDigi app or web.
Will I be notified if my Digi Video Freedom usage or validity is expiring?
You will be notified via SMS if your Digi Video Freedom usage or validity is about to expire.
What happens if I purchase Digi Video Freedom pass and I switched my Digi plan?
If you change your Digi plan while your Digi Video Freedom pass is still valid, your Digi Video Freedom pass will be forfeited.
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