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Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime
Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime
S Plan
Monthly Fee RM78
Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro
Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro
M Plan
Monthly Fee RM138
iPhone 7 (32GB)
iPhone 7 (32GB)
L Plan
Monthly Fee RM198


With Digi Business, we help you stay connected and bring your businesses
connectivity to the next level.



Nationwide high-speed coverage in all major towns & cities.

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Take your business forward with latest 4G LTE smartphones.

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Stay connected even when you are on-the-go
with a whole selection of apps and services to suit your active mobile lifestyle.



Enjoy daily flat rate of RM36 for selected countries.

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Enjoy special voice rates when roam in 5 Key Asian Countries.

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Enjoy big savings with smart IDD package.

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means an account opened for the Customer with Digi (and/or its subsidiaries) for subscribing to the Service.
means the point in time when the said Service is activated in the Digi System.
Advance Payment
means the payment made by the Customer to Digi upon registration in relation to the settlement of the following Monthly Charges for the following month(s) subject to these Terms and Conditions.
means the completed Corporate Individual and/or Company Registration Agreement including all unilateral amendments, variations, additions and deletions by Digi.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What are the major benefits of subscribing Biz SmartFree Plan?

We offer FREE calls nationwide, FREE Internet bundle, FREE calls within your company and also FREE smartphone, so that you are always connected to your peers. Best of all, we have plans that are affordable to all type of users.

2. Is there a minimum commitment require for my business to sign up for Biz SmartFree Plan?

Yes. The minimum requirement per account to sign up is RM 150/month commitment.

3. Is Biz SmartFree Plan open to MNP customers?

Yes. This offer is available for MNP customers who is interested to sign up our rate plan.

4. Do I need to pay deposit if I am a foreigner subscribing to Biz SmartFree Plan?

Yes, you are expected to pay a deposit of RM 500 if you intend to sign up for Biz SmartFree Plan.

5. Do I have to pay an advance payment if I were to sign up for Biz SmartFree Plan?

Yes. Advance payment of 3-months Monthly Fee will be collected if you sign up Biz SmartFree Plan with device. This will be rebated into your bill over a period of 12 months.

6. Will I be able to increase and reduce my credit limit that was assigned to the rate plan?

You can increase or reduce your credit limit subject to our internal credit risk evaluation and payment behavior. It should be noted that decreasing the credit limit of your plan could potentially result your line been barred when high number of usage not included in your plan is performed. e.g. IDD, roaming, & etc.

7. Is it possible for me to upgrade/downgrade my mobile phone plan?

You are allowed to upgrade with current contract but without the bundled device or SmartFree Credits. However, you can downgrade your mobile rate plan as long as you are not bound by any contract.

8. What will happen if I were to sign up Biz SmartFree Plan in the middle of bill cycle?

Your monthly fee will be pro rated for that particular bill cycle. You will still getting FULL Internet quota allocated to your plan.

9. Will I be able to check how much bundle minutes and SMS that I use each month?

No. You will not be able to check your usage for minutes and SMS. However you can check your Internet quota via *200#.

10. Will Corporate/SME customer enjoy additional rebates if they were to sign up for auto-billing?

Yes. Corporate/SME customer will be able to enjoy auto billing rebates of 5% X 6 month for each line that signs up for auto billing.

11. What is the penalty fee for a 24 months contract with device?

The penalty fee for a 24 months contract with device is as below.

Commitment Plan X Remaining Contract Months + RM 100 (Admin Fee)

12. Can I sign up for a Supplementary Plan if I sign up for Biz SmartFree Plan?

We do not offer Supplementary Plan for corporate/SME customers at this point of time. Our lowest rate plan offer is Biz SmartFree S which offers FREE domestic voice & SMS, and bundled 4GB internet. Thus, no bill shock from accidental usage.

13. Can I perform Internet Top Up if there is insufficient Internet quota?

Yes. You can purchase via MyDigi app or call 016-2998888. Please note the business owners / corporate individual  should be responsible for each Internet Top Up purchase.

1. What is Smart IDD Package?

Smart IDD Package gives you great savings when you make IDD calls to the top 28 business countries. It only priced at RM30 per month with an allocation of 150 minutes, validity follow account’s bill cycle.

2. What are the 28 top business countries?

The 28 top business countries are Singapore, China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Hong Kong, South Korea, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Cambodia, Brunei, U.A.E., Nepal. Australia, USA, UK, France, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Netherlands.

3. How can Corporate customer / Corporate Individual subscribe to Smart IDD Package?

Corporate customer / Corporate Individual can subscribe the Smart IDD Package via:
(1) Account Manager/Biz Dealers
(2) CCEB at 0162998888

4. Can I subscribe to the Smart IDD Package more than ONCE in the same bill cycle?

No. You only allowed to subscribe ONCE within the same bill cycle.

5. Is the Smart IDD Package auto renewed every month?

Yes. Smart IDD Package will be auto renewed every month & IDD bundled minutes will also be reset at the beginning of each bill cycle.

6. What happens if my IDD allocated minutes is fully utilised? Will I be charged for extra usage?

Yes. You can continue to make IDD calls at IDD premium rates.

7. What happens if I subscribe to Smart IDD Package but make calls via IDD 133?

The IDD 133 rates will apply in addition to the subscription fee of Smart IDD Package.

8. How do I check the usage/balance of my Smart IDD Package?

To check your usage/balance of your Smart IDD Package, please log on to MyDigi.

9. If I subscribe to Smart IDD Package in the middle of bill cycle, will I get FULL 150 minutes?

Yes. You will be getting FULL 150 minutes with full charge of RM30 on that particular month.

10. If I unsubscribe to Smart IDD Package in the middle of bill cycle, will I get FULL 150 minutes?

Yes. You will be getting FULL 150 minutes with full charge of RM30 but the IDD bundle minutes only valid till the point of successful un-subscription.

1. What is this promotion all about?

Smart Voice Roaming offer special rate for direct dial calls back to Malaysia and call within roaming country for the Top 5 Asian countries below:

Asia Countries Call
Call Within
Australia 2.00 0.50
China 2.00 0.50
Indonesia 2.00 0.50
Singapore 2.00 0.50
Thailand 2.00 0.50

2. Do I need to subscribe in order to enjoy this offer?

There is no subscription required. You will just need to ensure your mobile line is activated with International Roaming and roam in the participating Promo country.

3. How will I be charged if I make voice calls from more than 1 operator in the Promo country?

You will be charged flat rate per minute, regardless of which operator you are connected to, as long as you are roaming within the participating Promo country.

4. Do I need to manually select a specific operator or can I use any available operators in the country I roam with?

No, you do not need to manually select any operator to enjoy this offer. You can make the roaming calls from any operator, as long as you are roaming within the participating Promo country.

1. What are the changes on Standard Billing charges?

Effective 1 May 2017, there will be a monthly fee of RM5/month for paper bill statements to promote Deep Green with e-Bills.
Customers can opt for paperless e-Bills via Online Customer Service (OCS), whereby they can view and download their bills for FREE.

2. How can I get started with e-Bill via OCS? Do I need a login?

Yes, please email to bsc@digi.com.my for OCS access.

3. I’m an existing subscriber with an Itemised Bill subscription. Will there be any changes to my subscription fee?

No changes to the fee price for Itemised Bills, which remains at RM5/month per account.

4. What does Standard Billing consists of?

Standard Billing consists of your Account Summary and Details Of Charges only (No Itemised Billing).

5. Who will be charged for the New Standard Bill fee?

The new Standard Bill subscription fee will be applicable to all Digi’s Existing & New Corporate customers who subscribe for paper bills (i.e. Standard Bill only or with Itemised Billing).

6. Do I have an option not to receive/subscribe to any paper bill?

Yes, you can go paperless by changing your billing medium to either PDF or SMS Bill. Please contact Business Support Centre at 0162998888.
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