Mobile Internet Add-ons

Need more internet?
Add-on a Mobile internet package for your existing Digi Prepaid or Digi Postpaid phone plan.

Prepaid Mobile Internet Add-Ons

Select a package that satisfies your surfing appetite:
RM 0.50
100MB Facebook
Dial *116*3*1*1# to

<div class="product-cap"><strong>Weekly</strong></div><div class="product-title"><strong>RM7 / week<br/>600MB<br>(300MB +300MB*)</strong></div>

RM7 / week
(300MB +300MB*)

    *Quota applicable for Facebook, WhatsApp & WeChat usage
    Dial *116*1*3*1# to subscribe
<div class="product-cap"><strong>Monthly</strong></div><div class="product-title"><strong>RM16 / month<br>400MB</strong></div>

RM16 / month

    • FREE 1.5GB YouTube
    • Free Unlimited Facebook
    Dial *116*1*9*1# to subscribe
Running out of credit?

To subscribe to any add-on, you must have sufficient credit in your Digi Prepaid phone plan account. Click here to reload now.

Exceeded your Prepaid Mobile Internet quota?

Simply dial *200# to purchase an Internet Top Up and continue surfing.

Prepaid broadband plan

Prepaid Broadband For PC & Tablet

Prepaid Broadband For PC & Tablet

Only RM20 /starter pack!
Get it with or without Digi USB Modem!
500MB 1GB data + 25 30 Internet Access Days
Not yet on Digi Prepaid phone plan? Let's check out the plans! 
  • Daily Facebook RM0.50 (100MB)
  • Daily RM1 (20MB)
  • Daily RM1(200MB) 1am-7am
  • Weekly RM3 (0MB)
  • Weekly RM6 (150MB)
  • Weekly RM7 (600MB)
  • Weekly RM10 (1GB)
  • Weekly RM15 (1.6GB)
  • Monthly RM16 (400MB)
  • Monthly RM20 (1.5GB)
  • Monthly RM30 (3GB)
  • Monthly RM48 (6GB)
  • Monthly RM68 (6GB)
  • Monthly RM88 (14GB)
  • XL 28 (1.5GB)
  • XL 38 (3GB)
Click here for above Terms & Conditions.
  • FREE quota is only valid till 31 August 2015
  • All prices stated is excluding GST
  • FREE YouTube is from 1am-7am
Prepaid Internet Pass
  • The Fee for Internet Pass shall be deducted from the Subscribers' credit balance. However, Digi reserves the absolute right and discretion to revise the pricing of the plans for any reason whatsoever without the prior consent of the Subscribers. For avoidance of doubt, the Subscribers are not entitled to use the amount available in their FREE Talktime to off-set against their Fee.
  • The Validity Period is based on 24 hours cycle, and is stipulated as the time from which the Subscriber purchases Internet Pass.
  • Additional Terms & Conditions apply.
  • Dial *200# to purchase an Internet Top Up after you have exceeded your Postpaid Mobile Internet Quota. Please note that Postpaid Internet Top Up is only applicable after you have subscribed to a Postpaid Mobile Internet Package.
  • All Postpaid Mobile Internet packages listed above are applicable to Digi Family and selected legacy Postpaid Broadband plans subscribers only. They are NOT applicable to iDiGi and Digi SmartPlan subscribers.
  • Additional Terms & Conditions apply.
Frequently Asked Questions
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Option 1
How long is this 100% quota promotion?
This promo is valid till 31 August 2015.
What can I use the 100% more quota for?
You can use the extra quota for Facebook, WhatsApp and WeChat. However VOIP calls are not allowed 
Is the 100% more quota applicable for existing and new subscriptions?
Existing customers will be able to enjoy the 100% more quota in their next renewal as long as the renewal is takes place before 31 August 2015. While new subscriptions will enjoy this promotion immediately upon subscription.