Mobile Internet Add-ons

Need more internet?
Add-on a Mobile internet package for your existing Digi Prepaid or Digi Postpaid phone plan.

Prepaid Mobile Internet Add-Ons

Select a package that satisfies your surfing appetite:
RM 0.50
100MB Facebook
Dial *116*3*1*1# to

<div class="product-cap"><strong>Weekly</strong></div><div class="product-title"><strong>RM7 / week<br/>600MB<br>(300MB +300MB*)</strong></div>

RM7 / week
(300MB +300MB*)

    *Extra Internet quota are applicable from. 1am-7am only.
    Dial *116*1*3*1# to subscribe
<div class="product-cap"><strong>Monthly</strong></div><div class="product-title"><strong>RM16 / month<br>400MB </strong></div>

RM16 / month

Prepaid Internet Pass Promo

Prepaid Broadband For PC & Tablet

To subscribe, just dial *116*4*1*1#

Running out of credit?

To subscribe to any add-on, you must have sufficient credit in your Digi Prepaid phone plan account. Click here to reload now.

Exceeded your Prepaid Mobile Internet quota?

Simply dial *200# to purchase an Internet Top Up and continue surfing.

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Prepaid Mobile Internet Add-ons
  • Internet usage refers to Subscriber's access to the Internet via Digi's GPRS, EDGE, 3G Network or LTE Network (whichever applicable).
  • Digi does not guarantee or warrant the availability of the Internet usage and the Subscriber(s) acknowledges and agrees that the Internet usage is provided on an "as is" basis.
  • Digi reserves the right to revise, modify and/or change these terms and conditions at any time at Digi's sole discretion without providing notice to Subscribers. Continued use of this service following any changes to these terms and conditions constitutes an acceptance to those changes (if any). Subscribers are advised to visit this page periodically to review the terms and conditions.
Additional  Terms & Conditions   apply.
FREE Internet 1am-7am Promotion, click here for Terms & Conditions.
Prepaid Internet Pass
  • The Fee for Internet Pass shall be deducted from the Subscribers' credit balance. However, Digi reserves the absolute right and discretion to revise the pricing of the plans for any reason whatsoever without the prior consent of the Subscribers. For avoidance of doubt, the Subscribers are not entitled to use the amount available in their FREE Talktime to off-set against their Fee.
  • The Validity Period is based on 24 hours cycle, and is stipulated as the time from which the Subscriber purchases Internet Pass.
  • Additional Terms & Conditions apply.
  • Dial *200# to purchase an Internet Top Up after you have exceeded your Postpaid Mobile Internet Quota. Please note that Postpaid Internet Top Up is only applicable after you have subscribed to a Postpaid Mobile Internet Package.
  • All Postpaid Mobile Internet packages listed above are applicable to Digi Family and selected legacy Postpaid Broadband plans subscribers only. They are NOT applicable to iDiGi and Digi SmartPlan subscribers.
  • Additional Terms & Conditions apply.
Frequently Asked Questions
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Option 1
Are FREE calls via the listed social messaging apps included as part of unlimited WhatsApp and WeChat?
No, you can only send and receive messages, photos and videos via WeChat , WhatsApp and FB . Voice calls (along with video calls and other services not mentioned) are not applicable.
I have exceeded my usage quota. Can I continue to access the listed social messaging apps?
Upon exceeding your usage quota, you will be directed to where you will be advised to purchase a new data package.
Will my subscription be terminated automatically at the end of each mobile internet plan validity?
No, all the plan are on auto renewal basis. This means that your subscription will be renewed automatically after it has ended at 11.59pm at the end of the mobile internet plan validity. If you wish to unsubscribe from this package, just opt-out by dialing *128*3*1*1# before your next renewal.
I am already subscribed to this package. What happens if I am out of credit when Digi is trying to renew my subscription?
Your subscription renewal will fail and you will receive an SMS notification on this. Digi will try to renew your subscription again once you have sufficient credit upon reloading or receiving Talktime TransferTM.
Will my subscription be cancelled if I do not have enough credit for the renewal?
No. Your subscription will only be suspended until your renewal is successful.
Will I be notified before a subscription renewal?
Yes, you will receive an SMS notification two (2) days before a subscription renewal (except for Daily internet plans)
Will I be notified upon successful/failed subscription renewal?
Yes. You will receive an SMS notification upon successful/failed renewal. For renewal attempts after a failed renewal, you will not receive any SMS notification if it fails again – you will only receive a notification if the renewal is a success.
My subscription renewal has failed due to insufficient credit. Will my charges be pro-rated when Digi renews my subscription later?
No. There is no deduction or renewal if you do not have sufficient credit. Hence, your charges will not be pro-rated when Digi renews your subscription later. You will be charged the full subscription fee.
How many times can I subscribe and unsubscribe within a month?
You can subscribe and unsubscribe for a maximum of nine (9) times within a calendar month – after which any attempt to subscribe and/or unsubscribe again will be blocked. This is to prevent excessive abuse on your Digi Prepaid™ SIM card in case it gets stolen and/or misused.
I am terminating my subscription before it ends. After termination, can I continue to access the Internet until the end of my subscription?
No. Once you terminate your subscription, you will be taken off your Prepaid Mobile Internet package with immediate effect. Your account will be reverted to the default Pay-As-You-Use package and you will be charged up to a maximum of RM8 every day if you use Mobile Internet.
How do I unsubscribe from my Prepaid Mobile Internet subscription?
Just dial *128*3*1*1# to unsubscribe from your Prepaid Mobile Internet subscription.
Can I use my FREE Talktime (free credit) to pay for my Prepaid Mobile Internet subscription?
No, you can’t use your FREE Talktime (free credit) to pay for your Prepaid Mobile Internet subscription.
Can I use the allocated Internet quota from my Prepaid Mobile Internet subscription when I am roaming abroad?
No, you can’t use your FREE Talktime (free credit) to pay for your Prepaid Mobile Internet subscription.
Will I still have access to the listed social messaging apps when I am roaming abroad?
No. access to the listed social messaging apps is valid for domestic use only (i.e. within Malaysia). If you use any of the listed social messaging apps while roaming abroad on other networks, you shall be charged as per the respective roaming operator’s rate for Internet access.