Birthday Bonus™

1. This programme is open to all Digi Prepaid subscribers except Digi Prepaid Campus, Digi Smart Prepaid, Digi Smart Prepaid SE, Digi New Best, Digi Prepaid Best 2016 & Digi Prepaid LiVE subscribers.
2. Customers who provide false details upon registration will not be allowed to redeem the benefits under this Programme nor allowed to transfer ownership of the SIM Card.
3. Customers can register his/her personal info by personally going to any Digi Centre, Digi Service Centre or Digi authorised dealer. Digi reserves the sole and absolute right and discretion to reject any application.
4. Digi shall not be liable in providing warranty (under this Programme or otherwise) for the talktime credit balance in any SIM Card that is lost, stolen or damaged.
5. Under this Programme, Digi shall transfer only the remaining talktime credit balance as stated in the Prepaid Billing System at the point of replacement to the SIM Card provided by Digi. The Prepaid Billing System balance shall be deemed conclusive and final. Digi will not entertain appeals or claims with regards to any dispute on the talktime credit balance or whatsoever.
6. Replacement* under the Programme shall strictly be made for SIM Cards with ACTIVE status only (as displayed on the Prepaid Billing system at the point of replacement). SIM Cards with terminated status will not be eligible for the Programme benefits, regardless of the validity of the Programme application. SIM Cards with a barred status due to exhaustion of the reload validity period or as a result of a depleted talktime credit balance will be required to perform a reload in order to be eligible for a SIM Card replacement.
7. The customer may transfer his/her ownership of the Digi Prepaid SIM Card enrolled under the Programme to another party. A photocopied IC of the Transferor (existing customer as appearing in Prepaid Billing System data) MUST be attached to the new Registration Form to re-register the new ownership. For transfer of ownership, only customers who requests personally at a Digi Centre will be entertained. The same procedures, terms and conditions shall govern all re-enrollment of ownership.
8. Each customer registered under the mobile number is only allowed to receive the Birthday Bonus ONCE every calendar year. The Birthday Bonus is non-transferable unless the mobile number is re-registered by the Transferee. Customers with a birth date on the 29th Feb shall have their Birthday Bonus declared on the 28th Feb if the present year is not a leap year.
9. The replacement SIM Card is neither refundable nor exchangeable.
10. Digi reserves the right to withhold or terminate any Digi Prepaid Programme service without assigning any reason whatsoever thereto and shall duly inform the customer of such act.
11. Digi reserves the right to vary without notice the Programme benefits, the terms and conditions herein, charging structures and usage mechanisms associated with Digi Prepaid as and when deemed necessary by Digi. Such variations shall only be notified to the customer upon request.
12. Digi reserves the sole and absolute right to obtain, disclose and/or reveal any of the customer's information to its affiliates and/or any financial institutions and/or third party whatsoever.

*You are entitled to a replacement of 64K SIM Card (chargeable) and also retain your mobile number if your Digi Prepaid SIM Card is lost or stolen.
The Subscriber shall be entitled to FREE Digi to Digi calls when the Subscriber reloads on his/her birthday, subject to the following terms and conditions:
  • The Subscriber will only be eligible for Birthday Bonus for reload denomination of RM30 and above
  • The FREE Digi-Digi calls granted is valid for 1 day only (expire on 23:59:59)
  • The Birthday Bonus shall only be granted to the Subscriber within three (3) days before and three (3) days after or on the Subscriber’s birth date
  • The FREE Digi-Digi calls is subjected to fair usage policy


1. Any additional cost, expenses incurred, or arrangements made in connection with any redemption, rewards or benefits shall be the sole responsibility of the Customer.
2. Digi assumes no responsibility for any loss of whatever nature resulting from the use or application of rewards or benefits from the Programmes.
3. Rewards or benefits under the various Programmes are not exchangeable for other rewards, or refundable, replaceable, or transferable for cash or credit under any circumstances.
4. Digi can suspend or terminate any of the Programmes at any time it deems necessary without assigning any reason whatsoever.
5. Digi reserves the sole and absolute right to vary without notice any Programme benefits, the terms and conditions herein, charging structure and usage mechanism associated with any the Programmes, as and when deemed necessary by Digi.
6. Digi at its sole discretion will resolve all questions or disputes regarding eligibility for the Programmes or the eligibility for redemption of rewards.
7. Digi's failure to enforce a particular Term or Condition does not constitute a waiver of that Term or Condition by Digi.
8. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Malaysia.
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