8. Redemption of Mobile Telephone

8.1 Subject to eligibility of the Customer, the Customer understands and acknowledges that he shall be eligible for one (1) Mobile Telephone only for each line. The model of the Mobile Telephone shall be determined by Digi from time to time at its absolute discretion without giving due reason.
8.2 The Customer understands that the Mobile Telephone model offered is subject to availability and Digi reserves the absolute right to offer an alternative model of similar value.
8.3 The Customer hereby unconditionally authorize Digi at its absolute discretion to settle all outstanding monthly payments to Digi that is immediately due and payable through automated billing through the Customer's credit card or charge card.
8.4 In the event that any Mobile Telephone is reported lost or stolen, the Customer agrees to reactivate the line within eleven (11) days thereof or any period stipulated by Digi from the reported date. Failure to do so will result in automatic termination of the Service by Digi and the Customer shall pay the Early Termination Sum to Digi.
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