FBI Booster for Digi Prepaid Customers

The terms and conditions herein govern the Free Basic Internet Booster offer (“FBI Booster”) for selected Digi Prepaid Customers. The selection of such Digi Prepaid Customers is at Digi’s discretion. The FBI Booster is available for a limited time period until further notice by Digi.
2. The selection of Customers will be refreshed in every month. The same Customer(s) may not be re-selected in the next round of selection. Only the Customers who receive a notification from Digi are entitled to purchase the FBI Booster.
3. For the purposes herein, the following definitions shall be applicable:-
Term Definition
Customer(s) Means customers who purchase the FBI Booster
Purchase Date Means the date of which the Customer purchase the FBI Booster
Fee Means the charges for the FBI Booster
FBI Booster Validity Period Means the validity of the FBI Booster once purchased
FBI Free Basic Internet
The Fee for the FBI Booster shall be deducted from the Customers' credit balance. However, Digi reserves the absolute right and discretion to revise the pricing of the FBI Booster for any reason whatsoever without the prior consent of the Customers. For the avoidance of doubt, the Customers are not entitled to use the amount available in their FREE Talktime to off-set against the Fee.
5. Upon Customer‘s reply to purchase the FBI Booster, the remaining quota of the FBI (i.e. the FBI at the speed up to 64kbps attached to the prepaid plan) (“Default FBI”) will be “converted” into high speed internet. In other words, the remaining quota in the Default FBI will be ZERO, and the total quota that the Customer is getting for the FBI Booster could be varied, depending on the remaining quota of the Default FBI before the conversion takes place. The speed of the FBI Booster is up to 30Mbps.

For example: The remaining quota of the Default FBI is 200MB. In the event the Customer decides to purchase the FBI Booster, such 200MB Default FBI will be “converted” into high speed internet. Upon successful conversion, no balance is left for the Default FBI and the data allocation for the Default FBI is ZERO.
6. Digi may offer additional quota for the FBI Booster on a promotional basis and Digi reserves the right to revise the FBI Booster without any prior notice to the Customers.
7. Upon fully utilization of the quota for the FBI Booster, a Customer will not be able to access Internet anymore. Shall the Customer intend to access Internet, the Customer has to purchase other Internet products, or upon the reset of the Default FBI on the 1st day of following month.
8. The Customer could purchase the FBI Booster at any time of the month. However, the FBI Booster Validity Period will always end by 11:59 p.m., on the last day of the current month. Any remaining quota of the FBI Booster which is not utilized within the FBI Booster Validity Period will be forfeited automatically and the Customer is not allowed to carry forward the same to the following month or request for a refund.
As this is a one-off purchase service, the Customer will not be able to unsubscribe or terminate the FBI Booster. The FBI Booster will end upon the expiry of the FBI Booster Validity Period, or when the quota for the FBI Booster is fully utilized, whichever is earlier.
10. The FBI Booster cannot be transferred to any other mobile number.
11. The quota of the FBI Booster is valid for domestic Internet usage only. The Customer shall be charged based on the Internet access rate imposed by the respective Digi's roaming operators for internet usage whilst roaming with Digi's roaming partners.
12. The Customer is only allowed to purchase one (1) FBI Booster in each calendar month.
13. Digi shall not be responsible in any way in the event that the Customer's purchase was activated by a 3rd party without their consent. Digi shall not refund nor compensate the Customer in any manner whatsoever in such situations.
14. This Service / FBI Booster is provided on an as is basis and Digi does not guarantee or warrant that there shall be no problem, defect or is error free in the Internet access or usage provided by this service. Digi shall not be responsible in any way whatsoever for the loss incurred directly or indirectly for such failure or any problems associated to the network in any way whatsoever.
15. If the Customers have FREE Kilobytes (KBs) in their Freebie account, the Customers' FREE KBs shall not be utilized until the FBI Booster has been fully utilised. Such FREE Kilobytes cannot be converted into the quota for the FBI Booster.
16. Digi reserves the right at its absolute discretion to vary, delete or add to any of these terms and conditions of the FBI Booster, including but not limited to any feature for FBI Booster from time to time without prior notice to the Customers as it deems fit. Continued use of the FBI Booster and/or service following any changes to these terms and conditions constitutes an acceptance to those changes (if any). The Customers are advised to visit this page periodically to review the terms and conditions.
17. By subscribing to the FBI Booster, the Customers acknowledge that they understand the terms and conditions herein as well as the General Terms, including but not limited to Privacy Statement which are available on Digi’s website at https://new.digi.com.my/cs/Satellite/Page/tnc/default/tnc_general_all, and agree to abide by them.
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