Mobisure Plus & Lifestyle

Subscribe to Mobisure Plus or Mobisure Lifestyle to get instant cover for your mobile device!



How to Apply

  1. Step 1

    Purchase a device from any DiGi Store / selected DSEs2 (you can also apply for Mobisure Plus/Lifestyle if you have purchased a device from DiGi less than 30 days ago).
  2. Step 2

    Complete the Mobisure Plus/Lifestyle application form with:
    • Your personal details
    • Your device details
    • Your signature
    • Your sales assistant’s name
    • DiGi Store/Outlet stamp
    • Correct indication of plan & device band
    • Your credit card details3 (no debit cards allowed)
    • A photocopy of your credit card for verification purposes (front only)
  3. Step 3

    Submit your completed application form together to a DiGi Sales Assistant for processing.
    You will receive a Welcome Pack with your Mobisure Protection Certificate, Protection Terms & Conditions and Data Protection License Code within fourteen (14) days.
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How to Make a Claim

  1. Attended Theft Claims1

    Bar your DiGi SIM Card within 24 hours of attended theft and lodge a police report within 48 hours.
    Contact Mobisure at 1800 88 2878 for a claim form. Then, fax/email your completed form together with the police report to 03 7954 9141 or
    Your claim will be processed within 24 hours. Once your claim is approved, your new device will be couriered to you after you have paid the excess fee.
  2. Accidental/Liquid Damage Claims

    Contact Mobisure at 1800 88 2878 for a claim form. Then, fax your completed form together with a detailed account on how the damage occurred to 03 7954 9141.
    Once your claim is approved, our courier service will pick up the damaged device and deliver it to our service centre. It will be couriered back to you after repair. Devices that are Beyond Economic Repair (BER) will be replaced.
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General Exclusions


  • IMPORTANT: You must subscribe to Mobisure Plus or Mobisure Lifestyle within thirty (30) days AND/OR Mobisure Extended Warranty within ten (10) months of device purchase to be eligible for cover. These services are open to customers who purchased their device(s) via DiGi Store (nationwide) or selected DSEs only.
  • 1Applicable to Mobisure Plus subscribers only. Mobisure Lifestyle does not provide cover for Attended Theft.
  • 2DSE Giant Sri Kembangan, DSE Suntech Penang and DSE AEON Bandaraya Melaka only.
  • 3Third-party credit cards are accepted (a photocopy of the third party's credit card & NRIC required).
  • Your device must come with an Original Warranty of twelve (12) months or more to be eligible for cover.
  • All claims are processed and approved/rejected at the sole discretion of TecProtec.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobisure Plus & Lifestyle

Mobisure Plus & Lifestyle / Mobisure Extended Warranty

1. Can I subscribe to Mobisure Plus/Lifestyle at any time?

No, you can only do so within thirty (30) days of device purchase (from any DiGi Store/selected DiGi Store Express).

2. What about Mobisure Extended Warranty?

You must subscribe to Mobisure Extended Warranty within ten (10) months of device purchase to be eligible for cover.

3. I am a Mobisure Lifestyle subscriber. Can I upgrade my plan to Mobisure Plus?

No. You are only allowed to downgrade to Mobisure Lifestyle if you are a Mobisure Plus subscriber.

4. What are my payment options if I want to subscribe to Mobisure Plus/Lifestyle/Extended Warranty?

For Mobisure Plus/Lifestyle: Credit Card (monthly auto-debit)
For Mobisure Extended Warranty: Cash or credit card (one-time fee)

5. What does "FREE 1st month cover" mean?

"FREE 1st month cover" means that you will only be charged for your subscription from the second month onwards. This promotion is only applicable if you sign up immediately after you have purchased a new device from DiGi. You will be billed two weeks prior to your first month subscription's expiry date.

6. Will I be tied to a 12-month contract if I pay for my Mobisure Plus/Lifestyle subscription via credit card?

No. You can stop your subscription at any time by calling the Mobisure Support Centre at 1800-88-2878.

7. How will I know if I am covered?

You will receive a welcome letter and a certificate from Mobisure once your Mobisure Plus/Lifestyle subscription is approved. For Mobisure Extended Warranty subscribers, you will be issued a receipt on the spot. You can also call the Mobisure Support Centre at 1800-88-2878 to confirm.

8. How soon will my claim be processed?

Your claim will be processed within 24 hours if all procedures of reporting theft/damage are adhered to.

9. What if my device is an End-Of-Life model or is Beyond Economic Repair (BER)?

Mobisure will replace it with a model of the same value for eligible claims.

10. What will happen to my Mobisure Extended Warranty if my device is replaced before it lapses?

You will need to bring along the Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) document from the service centre/manufacturer as proof of device replacement. Without this document, your Mobisure Extended Warranty will be deemed NULL & VOID.

11. I am the existing Digi Insurance plan subscriber. Where can I view my Insurance policy?

You may login to to view your current insurance policy.
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