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Freedom of choice

Because music should be enjoyed your way. No one should limit that for you.
You deserve more than just one choice for music, so we’re offering you all the best music apps in the world.

TIDAL, Deezer, Guvera, Raku, JOOX, Spotify and more.

Use any. Use them all. Your call.

Freedom of movement

Whether at work, play, or even at the gym, you deserve to have your music with you always.
Do what you need to do, and always carry a tune.

Stream music 24/7, without the Internet charges – that's on us.

Freedom to experience

Discover new experiences with the Digi Music Freedom app.
It's not a music player –
it's your all access pass to the best music apps, exclusive content, awesome contests and cool freebies.

So you’re not just listening to music, you get to experience it!


Check out these fresh new flavours



The coolest way to enjoy your music freedom and more!

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  • Activate your Music Freedom Pass
  • Track your (free) data usage
  • See exclusive artiste interviews and videos
  • Get tickets to exclusive events
  • Win prizes
  • Get freebies


Tag us. Talk to us. Tell us what you like.
You listen to music, we listen to you.


Music Freedom supports only the best. Try them now!

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  • With effect from 25th February 2015, Digi Subscribers with active Internet plans will be entitled to enjoy) to selected music streaming services (“Partner Services”) offered by Digi through its Digi Music Freedom Services (the “Service”).
  • For the avoidance of confusion Digi Subscribers means all prepaid and/or postpaid subscribers of Digi. Digi Subscribers who subscribes to the Service from 25th February 2015 until 30th September 2015 will automatically enjoy a one hundred and twenty (120) days FREE subscription to the Service (“Free Trial Period”). In the event Digi Subscribers elects to continue with the subscription of the Services at the end of the Free Trial Period the Digi Subscribers may elect to opt in by way of monthly subscription of the Services for a fee as determined by Digi.
  • The Service grants consumption of music from Partner Services at zero data charges. Digi Subscribers can use the Service for both Freemium and Premium versions of Partner Services.
  • The Service does not give Digi Subscribers Premium versions of the Partner Services. Digi Subscribers must subscribe for Premium accounts by themselves.
  • Additional Terms & Conditions apply. Please click here for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Music Freedom

Music Freedom
What is Music Freedom?
Digi Music Freedom is a Pass to allow our customers to listen to the best music services at zero data charges.
What is the Music Freedom App?
The Music Freedom App is a smart phone application that serves as your gateway to fully experiencing Music Freedom! Through the app, you can:
                   1.    Activate Music Freedom.
                   2.    Claim FREE tickets to live performances.
                   3.    Watch LIVE and pre-recorded Digi Music events.
                   4.    Enjoy music services provided by our Partners (external music service providers) without incurring data charges.
                   5.    Learn more about upcoming performances.
Download the Music Freedom App at Google Play Store or the App Store and Activate to begin Music Freedom today!
Who are these music Partners?
[Please refer to item 1.2 to see the supported apps, accurate as of the published date of this document]
Our list of Partners is a growing list. We’re always looking out to engage with the best services in the market, with demand from customers such as you. Please download and use the Music Freedom App to see an updated list of partners.
I know of an awesome music service I think Digi should engage with. Can I make suggestions?
We hear you! We can’t get enough of music ourselves! Drop us an email at, drop us a note on our official Facebook page, Tweet us, or chat with us on our WeChat Official Account. We may not be able to respond and get them on board immediately, but trust us – we hear you, and want to know what music services you want to use!
How do I sign up for Digi Music Freedom?
Download the Music Freedom App from and activate it from the app. Alternatively, you can also go directly to Google Play Store or the App Store and search for Digi Music Freedom.
Do I qualify for Digi Music Freedom subscription?
All DiGi customers with an active prepaid or postpaid Internet plan can enjoy Digi Music Freedom. If you’re not an Internet subscriber and want to get a preview, you can still download the Music Freedom App at to preview what’s waiting for you. Regular Pay As You Use (PAYU) data charges will apply.
I’m not using a smart phone. Can I still apply for Music Freedom?
Feature phones CANNOT fully benefit from Music Freedom, because our partners do not have apps or services that support feature phones.
Can I use the Music Freedom App to play my favourite music?
The Music Freedom App is NOT a media player, but you can listen to previews of featured song lists. The app helps you enable Music Freedom, and optimize your experience by giving you free music passes, and helps point you our music Partners where you can listen to music with no data charges!
What is the current promotion about?
We are giving FREE ACTIVATIONS to Digi customers to enjoy music services from our Partners with no data charges! You can now download Music Freedom and activate it for FREE!
When does this promotion run?
From 13th March to 30th September 2015
How will I know that I’ve successfully activated Music Freedom?
You will see confirmation that you have activated Music Freedom on the app. You will also receive an SMS upon activation.
Will I be notified when my Music Freedom pass expires?
Yes, you will receive an SMS notice.
Where can I download and use the Partners’ apps and services?
The Music Freedom app will point you towards the respective links to download Partner’s app and use these services.
What device can I use Music Freedom with?
You need to have either an Android smart phone or iPhone to enjoy Digi Music Freedom. You can still Activate Digi Music Freedom without and Android or iPhone, but you will not be able to use any of our Partners’ services as they are only available in these two platforms.
Will I be charged if I have Music Freedom active, but my Internet plan has expired / has insufficient credit / bill overdue?
Regular Pay As You Use (PAYU) charges will apply when your prepaid data plan expires. Digi Music Freedom is automatically deactivated as soon as your data plan is no longer active.
Will I continue to enjoy Music Freedom after the promotion period?
Free activations is only valid during the promotion period. A small charge will apply after the promotion ends. Stay tuned for the latest Music Freedom offers.
Can I use the app when I’m on wifi?
Yes you can, you are required to log in to Freedom app with your mobile number.  Upon verification, you will be able to enjoy the Freedom app via your account. However, free music streaming with our partners will not apply when you are on WiFi.
I’m a mobile broadband subscriber. Why can’t I log into the Music Freedom App?
Mobile broadband subscribers are not eligible for Music Freedom. You may still preview the app without logging in, but regular data usage will be incurred against your quota.