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  • Myanmar
  • Philippines
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I purchase these Unlimited Packages?
All Unlimited Packages can be purchased in MyDigi > Add-On or via *116#.
Is there a Fair Usage Policy for offers labeled as Unlimited?

There will be Fair Usage Policy for these Unlimited Packages and the details as below:

Unlimited Packages Fair Usage Policy
Unlimited Video – Lite 10GB
Unlimited Social – Lite 10GB
Unlimited Internet – Lite 10GB
Unlimited Internet 10GB
Unlimited Internet Calls 10GB
Unlimited Calls (Digi-Digi) 1,000 minutes
Unlimited Calls (All Network) 1,000 minutes
Unlimited Music 30GB
Unlimited Video & Music 30GB

This Fair Usage Policy is determined based on the understanding of user consumption behavior hence a high quota is allocated for users to enjoy a worry free unlimited experience within the validity period.

Why is there a Fair Usage Policy in place?
For the avoidance of abuse and in line with general public concerns, the Unlimited Packages presently subjected to Fair Usage Policy of up to 10GB or 30GB per package and 1,000 minutes for calls package depending on the packages purchased. Notwithstanding, Digi in its sole discretion may seek to revise the Fair Usage Policy if the demand justifies the supply for any further increase thereto.
When do the validity of the Unlimited Packages expire?
For Daily Unlimited Passes, it will expires 24 hours upon purchase.
For Weekly Unlimited Package, it will be renewed upon 7 days if you have sufficient balance.
For Monthly Unlimited Package, it will be renewed upon 30 days if you have sufficient balance.
How do I stop my Weekly or Monthly Unlimited Packages from auto-renewing?
You may dial *116*5# to stop your Weekly or Monthly Unlimited Packages from auto-renewing.
Can I purchase these Unlimited Packages if I have an Internet Plan?
Yes. You can purchase the Daily Unlimited Passes on top of your Internet plan. However, if you purchase Weekly or Monthly Unlimited Packages, your existing Internet plan will be overwritten and any existing quota from the current Internet plan will be forfeited.
What happens if I subscribe to Daily Unlimited Internet - Lite and I decided to have high speed Internet?
You will have to wait for your Daily Unlimited Internet - Lite pass to expire before you can purchase a high speed Internet pass.
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