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From just RM36/country/day, roaming has never been this easy!

  • Keep track of your Internet usage No network operator
    selection required

    (Auto Connectivity)
  • Check your Prepaid credit balance and bill for Postpaid In more than 50
    most visited countries

  • Try FREE entertainment content Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming
    (Capital city time zone)
  • Keep track of your Internet usage One Flate Rate per Country
  • Check your Prepaid credit balance and bill for Postpaid No bill shock
List of countries
Hong Kong
New Zealand
United Kingdom
More countries
  • How to subscribe

    No subscription required

  • How to use

    Simply enable data roaming under your
    phone settings when you abroad


Daily Hassle-Free Unlimited Internet Roaming:

  • This promo is valid until further notice for Digi Postpaid Subscribers only.
  • Unlimited Internet Roaming rates are not applicable for video streaming. Please note that separate Unlimited Postpaid Internet Roaming charges will apply if you connect to the Internet at different countries on the same day.
    For example, if you are in China and you roamed with China Mobile and you then travel to Hong Kong and roamed with China Mobile HK on the same day, you will be charged RM72 (RM36/2 countries) for the day.
  • For Roaming Internet usage of less than 1MB will be charged on a Pay-As-You-Use (PAYU) basis at RM36/MB (for countries rated RM36/day) and RM56/MB (for countries rated RM56/day) in 10kb charging blocks.
  • Availability of the listed Promo Operators for Unlimited Postpaid Internet Roaming is subject to coverage of the operators in the respective countries.
  • Unlimited internet roaming charges is only applicable for Internet usage while roaming aboard. For any domestic Internet usages, standard Internet usage charges apply.
  • Other Terms & Conditions Apply.
Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is this promotion all about?

Hassle-Free Daily Internet Roaming experience at max cap RM36/country/day or RM56/country/day depending on the roamed country. It allows subscribers to have Internet browsing whilst travelling aboard with no manual operator selection required.

Select your Region

Costa Rica RM36/day
Canada RM56/day
USA RM56/day
Panama RM36/day
Bahrain RM56/day
Bangladesh RM36/day
Brunei RM36/day
Cambodia RM36/day
China RM36/day
Hong Kong RM36/day
India RM36/day
Indonesia RM36/day
Japan RM36/day
Korea RM36/day
Laos RM36/day
Macau RM36/day
Mongolia RM56/day
Myanmar RM36/day
Pakistan RM36/day
Nepal RM36/day
Philippines RM36/day
Singapore RM36/day
Sri Lanka RM36/day
Taiwan RM36/day
Thailand RM36/day
Austria RM36/day
Belgium RM56/day
Croatia RM36/day
Czech Republic RM56/day
Denmark RM36/day
France RM56/day
Germany RM56/day
Greece RM56/day
Hungary RM36/day
Ireland RM56/day
Italy RM56/day
Luxembourg RM56/day
Netherlands RM56/day
Norway RM36/day
Poland RM56/day
Portugal RM56/day
Romania RM56/day
Russia RM56/day
Spain RM56/day
Sweden RM36/day
Slovak Republic RM36/day
Switzerland RM56/day
United Kingdom RM56/day
Latin America
Argentina RM56/day
Brazil RM56/day
Chile RM56/day
El Salvador RM56/day
Mexico RM56/day
Nicaragua RM56/day
Peru RM56/day
Uruguay RM56/day
Middle East
Iran RM36/day
Turkey RM36/day
Kuwait RM56/day
Qatar RM56/day
Saudi Arabia RM36/day
Australia RM36/day
Fiji RM36/day
French Polynesia RM36/day
New Zealand RM36/day
Papua New Guinea RM56/day

2. Do I need to subscribe in order to enjoy this offer?

There is no subscription required. You will just need to ensure your mobile line is activated with International Roaming and enable data roaming on your phone setting.

3. Is this offer available for all rate plans?

Only available for all Digi Postpaid subscribers (including Digi Postpaid Enterprise subscribers and Wireless Broadband subscribers)

4. Are Prepaid subscribers entitled for this offer?

No. This promo is not valid for Prepaid subscribers.

5. Can I enjoy the Daily Hassle-Free Internet Roaming offer in Malaysia?

No, it’s only applicable for Roaming usage only.

6. When will the Daily Hassle-Free Internet Roaming pass expire daily?

This is a daily validity offer according to the capital city time of your roamed country. E.g. if you are in Australia and start browsing from 01:00am Canberra time, your daily validity will end at 11:59pm Canberra time. Should you continue to browse after 12am Canberra time, you will be charged RM 36 x 2 = RM 72.

7. What happens if I use before midnight and throughout the next day in the same country? How will I be charged?

You will be charged as 2 days. E.g. If you start using from 11:30pm until 2am in Australia, will be charged at max cap RM72 (RM36x2 days).

8. Can I unsubscribe from the Daily Hassle-Free Internet Roaming pass?

No, the Daily Hassle-Free Internet Roaming pass will expire automatically once the expiry has reached.

9. In which country I can enjoy the Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming?

List of countries available for Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming:

RM 36/day
Australia Hong Kong Norway
Austria Hungary Pakistan
Bangladesh India Panama
Brunei Indonesia Philippines
Cambodia Iran Saudi Arabia
China Japan Singapore
Costa Rica Korea Slovak Republic
Croatia Laos Sri Lanka
Denmark Macau Sweden
Fiji Myanmar Taiwan
French Polynesia Nepal Thailand
New Zealand Turkey
RM 56/day
Argentina Ireland Poland
Bahrain Italy Portugal
Belgium Kuwait Qatar
Brazil Luxembourg Romania
Canada Mexico Russia
Chile Mongolia Spain
Czech Republic Netherlands Switzerland
El Salvador Nicaragua United Kingdom
France Papua New Guinea Uruguay
Germany Greece Peru

10. How will I be charged if I roam with more than one operator in the same country on the same day?

You will only be charged at max cap of RM36/country/day or RM56/country/day depending on the roamed country’s respective rates. E.g. If you are in Singapore, you connect to Starhub in the morning and Singtel in the afternoon on the same day, you will be charged at max cap RM36/day.

11. If I use Internet while I roam in more than one country on the same day. How will I be charged?

You will be charged at max cap RM72 (RM36x2 countries) for the day or RM 112 (RM56X2 countries), depending on the roamed country’s respective rates. E.g. if you use Internet while you roam in China in the morning and Hong Kong in the afternoon, you will be charged for both countries.

12. Do I need to manually select a specific operator or can I use any available operators in the country I roam with?

You will be connected to the available operator in the country automatically without the need to manually select a specific operator.

13. What happens if I can’t connect to any operator automatically? Do I still need to manually select an operator?

This promo allows you to seamlessly connect to any operator without the need to manually select a specific network operator. In normal circumstances, your phone should automatically connect to an operator if you set it to Automatic selection mode. However, if your device still fail to connect to a network operator with this setting, kindly do a manual search and connect to any available network operators. You will still be charged at a flat rate of RM36/country/day or RM56/country/day depending on the roamed country’s respective rates.

14. Is there any applicable Fair Usage Policy?

Yes. Fair Usage Policy applies and Internet speed will be reduced when you reached the daily fair usage quota.

15. What are the services available for Daily Unlimited Postpaid Internet Roaming?

The Daily Unlimited Postpaid Internet Roaming support email, browsing and social messaging. For the Video Streaming, it will be best effort for service delivery.

16. Once I have reached my daily Fair Usage Quota, can I still do data roaming without any additional charges?

Yes. You can still continue browsing without any additional roaming Internet charges to be incurred even though you have reached your fair usage quota. However, your Internet usage speed will be reduced till the end of the day.

17. Can I restore my Internet roaming speed upon reaching the daily Fair Usage Quota?

No. Your Internet speed will be reduced till the end of the day.

18. If I’ve reached my daily Fair Usage Quota, will I be charged for the Internet usage after the FUP quota?

Any Internet usages after the FUP will not be charged.

19. Is Postpaid International Roaming service subject to Goods and Services Tax (GST)?

For Postpaid customers, roaming transactions incurred from 1 April 2015 onwards will be exempt from GST. These transactions will not be subject to GST in the total roaming charges of your monthly bill.
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