All you need to know about your Digi Bill

Telenor Connect ID

Telenor Connect ID is a special identification platform for customers within the Telenor Group, including Digi.

Advantages of having a Telenor Connect ID:

  • - With MyDigi, customers can view more than just their mobile number usage; they can also view other mobile numbers that are tied to their account, i.e. Supplementary or Ambassador lines registered under a family plan, for instance.
  • - Customers can view their account details even on WiFi.

How to create a Telenor Connect ID:

  • - Go to the registration page of Telenor Connect ID
  • - Click “Switch to email” and key in your e-mail address.
  • - Click “Sign in” and create a password.
  • - A safe password should ideally have a mix of numbers, alphabets and symbols (“, /, >, !, &).
  • - Submit and you’re done!
Enter an email address that you use frequently. The address should be in this format:
Please enter your principal mobile number. Your principal mobile number must be at least 10 characters long. Your principal mobile number must be in this format: 01XXXXXXXXX