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Enjoy over 40-entertainment channels at home with Digi Broadband.

Non stop entertainment. Now at home.

Our broadband plans let you stream Over 40 entertainment channels with the hottest TV shows & big screen blockbuster from Kollywood all the way to Hollywood. Better yet you’ll never want to leave the couch!

  • Vivu

    The best of Korean TV on the go #asianpride.

  • Netfix

    The world’s leading Internet TV network.

  • Hero

    Your one-stop Kollywood entertainment fix.

  • Youtube

    Watch world-class variety and reality shows.

  • Kid Friend

    The kid-friendly version of YouTube.

  • Youtube Gaming

    The largest mix of games, videos and live streams by gamers.


    Watch world-class variety and reality shows.

  • Astro on the GO

    Your favourite channels and programs on Astro.

  • ton ton

    Over 23,000 hours of local dramas.


Over 40 entertainment channels for TV addict, movie buff, or all-around couch potato to choose from, we’ve got the best channels for you!

Broadband 30
RM30 /month
Stream FREE
Stream 19 channels FREE for 24 hours/30days*
Stream On Demand n/a
Internet quota 6GB

For Prepaid:

Buy Now
RM38 (incl. GST) / starter pack
RM30 preload value.
Broadband 60
RM60 /month
Stream FREE
Stream 19 channels FREE for 24 hours/30days*
Stream On Demand 5GB
Internet quota 15GB

For Postpaid:

Buy Now

Broadband 100
RM100 /month
Stream FREE
Stream 19 channels FREE for 24 hours/30days*
Stream On Demand 10GB
Internet quota 40GB

For Postpaid:

Buy Now

*Fair usage policy applies.

For existing Postpaid Voice customer, you may sign up the Broadband Supplementary plan and enjoy RM10 rebate for life.
For limited time offer – get 120GB (10GB x 12months) when sign up with Broadband Supplementary plan between 16 Feb to 31 Mar 2017.
To subscribe, please walk in to Digi Store.

Promotional Offer

30 days Astro on the Go Free Trial
2 months full access worth RM20 sponsored by Digi
2 months full access worth RM30.

broad devices

Pair your Digi Broadband with Digi MobiFi &
share with 10 devices.

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Looking for a mobiFi device?
Bundle with Broadband.

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Why stream with Digi?

Because we know you like to tambah
Manage all your accounts via MyDigi
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No assembly needed
Goodies are never enough.
Best for streaming content
Goodies are never enough.
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Running out of quota?

Boost your nonstop entertainment with Internet Top Up from RM20 for 10GB!



  • Unless expressly specified herein, any capitalized terms in this Terms and Conditions shall have the meaning as specified in the General Terms on /cs/ Satellite/ Page/tnc/ default/ tnc_definitions.
  • Unless stated otherwise, all terms and conditions under this General Terms and Conditions For Digi Broadband Plans apply to all plans under Digi Broadband.
  • The Customers are advised to check if the Customers' area is within Digi's coverage before signing up for the Service. The list of specific 4G LTE network areas list is available here.
  • Digi does not warrant or guarantee the availability of internet usage. By subscribing to the Service, each Customer acknowledges and agrees that the speed of the Service is provided on a best-effort basis.
  • Upon exceeding the monthly internet quota depending on the Digi Broadband plan subscribed by the Customer, any further usage of the internet will be restricted and is subject to Digi's Fair Usage Policy which is available on cs/Satellite/ Page/tnc/ default/ tnc_fair_usage_policy. In order to continue using internet after exceeding the monthly internet quota, the Customer can purchase Internet Top Up (as defined below) to gain additional internet quota as specified under Clause 6 of this General Terms and Conditions for Digi Broadband Plans.
  • Internet Top Up is an additional internet quota which can be purchased separately. Unused internet quota will be forfeited according to the specific expiry date at the point of purchase.
  • Additional Terms & Conditions apply.
Frequently Asked Questions

View FAQs for

Who can sign up for a Broadband plan?
Broadband plans are open to all existing Digi subscribers and new customers. Existing Digi Postpaid customers can sign up for a new Broadband plan as a supplementary line and enjoy RM10 monthly rebate.
Are there excess charges after I exhaust my monthly quota?
No, there will not be any excess charges after exhausting your monthly quota . You may opt to purchase Internet Top Ups to continue your Internet experience at an optimal speed.
If I finish up my bundled quota, can I still surf the internet?
No, upon reaching 100% quota utilization you will no longer be able to continue surfing.Please visit to purchase Internet Top Ups.
Can I make voice calls and send SMS/MMS using my Broadband subscription?
No, all Broadband plans are only capable of Internet access.
How do I purchase Internet for my Broadband plan?
Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Click on 'Internet' to subscribe an Broadband plan/change your Broadband plan/purchase extra quota.
What do you mean by Stream Free quota? Can I use this quota to surf Facebook or iflix?
Stream Free only allows you to stream for below partner services:

Video YouTube, YouTube Gaming, YouTube Kids, Dailymotion
Music Era FM, Fly FM, Hot FM, Kool FM, One FM, THR Raaga, THR Gegar, Hitz.FM, Lite FM, Melody FM, Mix FM, MY FM, Sinar FM, BFM, SoundHound

Usage for Facebook will be deducted from your base quota while iflix usage will be deducted from Stream On Demand quota.
What can I use Stream On Demand quota for? Can I use the quota for YouTube usage?
Stream On Demand only allows you to stream for below partner services:

Video Netflix, iflix, Astro On the Go, HeroTalkies, Viu, HyppTV, TonTon, dimsum
Music Spotify, Deezer, Joox, Kkbox, Apple Music, MTV Trax, Tidal, Raku, Psonar, Saavn, Hungama, Radio2008, BE-AT.TV, Smule

YouTube usage will be deducted from Stream Free quota. Please note that to access content from the partner services above, you will need to subscribe to their services.
How do I access and purchase my favourite streaming content?

Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Choose your preferred partner services under Movies & Drama.
Step 3: Click on your preferred Partner icon.
Step 4: Subscribe to Partner services and start enjoying the service.

Can I purchase Stream On Demand partner services by deducting my Prepaid credit or charging to my Digi bill?
Yes, subscription of the below Stream On Demand partner services can be paid by your Prepaid credit or charged to your bill:
iflix, HyppTV, Spotify, Deezer, KKbox, Psonar.
Which Broadband plans are available for Prepaid and Postpaid payment?
Stream On Demand only allows you to stream for below partner services:

Plans Payment Type
Broadband RM30 & Broadband RM60 Prepaid
Broadband RM60 & Broadband RM100 Postpaid
How can I check my quota usage?
Please visit to check your quota usage.
Can I use my Internet quota when roaming abroad?
Broadband customers in Postpaid payment
Your bundled Internet quota is only applicable for domestic usage i.e. within Malaysia network. Roaming with your Broadband plan will not utilize your bundled Internet quota - You will be charged separately as stated in the prevailing roaming rates chart. However, it is recommended that you roam with Digi Broadband in a device that enables you to manually select Digi's preferred roaming network operator so as to enjoy Internet Roaming promotions (for Postpaid payment). Take note that Roaming Passes are currently not available for Digi

Broadband customers in Prepaid payment
The Roaming Passes are currently not available.
How do I use my Digi MobiFi?
Step 1: Insert your Digi Broadband SIM into your Digi MobiFi.
Step 2: Turn on your Digi MobiFi.
Step 3: Ensure that the 4G/3G signal is on.
Step 4: Connect your preferred device to your Digi MobiFi connection. Both MobiFi network name and password are displayed on the screen of your Digi MobiFi.
Step 5: Enjoy Digi Broadband on your Digi MobiFi.

For more info , please refer to Digi MobiFi user guide.
How do I stream entertainment content on TV?
Refer to User Guide on accessing entertainment content on your TV.
How do I redeem the Free 1GB quota at
Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Key in your email address and contact number.
Step 3: Verify by keying in TAC that will be sent to your email or mobile number.
Step 4: Click 'Redeem' button and enjoy Free 1GB data for 5 days!

Free 1GB quota is only available for customers who are on Broadband RM30, Broadband RM60 and Broadband RM100.
How do I redeem the Free digital rewards?
Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Click on "Rewards" to choose your preferred Digital reward of the month.
What are the Internet Top Up available and where can I buy them?
There are 3 types of Internet Top Up designed to improve your streaming experience:

Internet Top Up How Can I Use?
RM5 VOIP Unlimited VOIP calls (Fair usage policy applies)
RM20 for 10GB Streaming Streaming for all Stream Free and Stream On Demand partner services only
RM25 for 10GB Allowed for all internet usage

To buy, please visit
How do I get the Free 1 month Astro On the Go?
Step 1: Mobile: Download Astro on the Go from Google Play/App Store.
Google Play:
App Store:
Computer: Logon to
Step 2: Sign up for an Astro ID (your username) for free
Step 3: Retrieve your access code from and click on Astro On the Go under Free Content
Step 4: Logon to to key in your Astro ID along with the access code retrieved in Step 3.
What are the Free 11 Astro on the go channels?
Prima, Ria, Oasis, Bella, AEC, Shuang Xing, Xiao Tai Yang, Vaanavil, Vinmeen HD, Jaya TV, Star Vijay.
How would my Broadband quota be deducted?
Your internet deduction will be done based on the order below:

Can I rollover unutilized quota to the following month/next bill cycle?
No, all Broadband plans do not have the Internet Rollover feature.
Can I make VoIP calls (Eg. WhatsApp calls) using my Broadband subscription?
No, VoIP calls are not allowed on Broadband plans, but we do have Internet Top Ups that allow you to make VoIP calls (More information under Internet Top Up section).
Can I access from my various devices (Smartphone, laptop, tablet etc)?
Yes, you can, provided the plan you are accessing it with is the Digi Broadband plan.
Can I use Digi Broadband on the go?
Yes, you may enjoy Digi Broadband on the go. We do recommend that Digi Broadband be used at home to fully enjoy entertainment on the big screen.
If I sign up for Auto-Billing under the new Digi Broadband plan, what benefits do I get?
Auto Billing discount of 5% off total monthly bill is only applicable to the first SIX (6) months of subscription only. Total monthly bill includes monthly fees and usages, but excludes standard and itemized billing charges.
Can I sign up LTE-A MobiFi (Huawei E5786) with Broadband RM60?
No, you are not allowed to as this modem is only bundled with Broadband RM100.
If I terminate my MobiFi contract within the contract period, how much do I need to pay for early termination charges?
Here are the charges:

Mobifi Model Rate Plan Contract Period Penalty Charges
Huawei E5577s LTE Broadband RM60 Broadband RM100 12 Months Flat fee of RM200 (administrative fee) + Monthly Device Fee x Remaining
Huawei E5586s LTE-A Broadband RM100 12 Months Flat fee of RM300 (administrative fee) + Monthly Device Fee x Remaining
I want to purchase the new Digi Broadband plan together with a MobiFi. Do I have to make any upfront payment?
Yes, an upfront payment on MobiFi and broadband plan is applicable upon subscription. You will be required to make an upfront payment for your device along with a one-month monthly fee when you sign up for Digi Postpaid broadband plan.

The device upfront payment is a one-time payment and will not be rebated in your bill.
I am currently subscribed to the previous Broadband plan without contract. Can I move to the new Broadband RM60/Broadband RM100?
Yes, you can change your plan to the new Broadband plans. You may visit Digi outlets, authorized dealers stores, or call Customer Service hotline at 0162211800 to perform a change of plan.
Can I register for supplementary lines under the new Digi broadband plan?
No, you cannot register supplementary lines under the new Digi broadband plan.
I am currently with Postpaid Broadband Monthly RM60, can I change my plan to Prepaid Broadband Monthly RM60?
Yes, you can change your plan to Prepaid Broadband Monthly RM60 if you do not have any contract with Digi.
How do I pay my monthly Broadband bill?
Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Click on 'Pay Bill'.
Step 3: Confirm amount, and also whether you want to pay with Internet banking or credit card.
Can I perform Internet Sharing with the new Digi Broadband plan?
No, Internet Sharing cannot be done from the new Digi Broadband plan.
I am an existing Digi Postpaid customer, can I perform Internet Sharing with my Digi Broadband supplementary line?
Yes, you can perform Internet Sharing with your Digi Broadband supplementary line.
I am an existing Digi Postpaid customer, can I purchase my Broadband supplementary line’s Internet Top Ups?
No, the Internet Top Ups can only be purchased and used by the Broadband supplementary plan.
How do I subscribe to Digi Prepaid Broadband plans?
To subscribe to your preferred Prepaid Broadband plans visit
Do I need to perform reload to keep my account active to enjoy internet?
No, your prepaid account will be active as long as you have an active Broadband plan. You will not experience any interruption in using internet due to account balance.
Will my Prepaid Broadband plan auto renew every month?
Yes, your plan will be automatically renewed as long as you have sufficient credit at the end of your 30 days validity.
If I am already subscribed to Monthly Broadband RM30 do I need to unsubscribe before subscribing to Monthly Broadband RM60?
You don’t need to unsubscribe Monthly Broadband RM30 - Just sign up Monthly Broadband RM60 to change your internet plan. Please visit if you wish to change your current internet plan.
How much is the Digi Prepaid Broadband Pack (inclusive of GST)?
This pack costs RM38 (inclusive of GST).
How much preloaded credit comes with this pack?
RM30 credit is preloaded with each pack and is valid for 30 days.
How do I activate the Digi Prepaid Broadband pack?
Put the SIM card into your device and start using internet.
How do I check my credit balance?
Please visit to check your credit balance or alternatively, dial *126#.
How do I perform a reload?
Please visit to perform a reload or alternatively, dial *128# and select Reload.
I am an existing Digi Prepaid Broadband subscriber, can I switch my line to the new Digi Prepaid Broadband and maintain my current mobile number (change of plan)?
No, currently change of plan from existing Digi Prepaid Broadband to new Digi Prepaid Broadband is not allowed.
I am not a Digi subscriber, can I switch to Digi Prepaid Broadband and maintain my current mobile number (Mobile Number Portability – MNP)?
No, MNP is not allowed for Digi Prepaid Broadband. Please purchase a new plan to use Digi Prepaid Broadband.
How do I reload my Broadband?
Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Click on 'Reload'.
Step 3: Select amount, and also whether you want tor reload with Internet banking, credit card or reload voucher.
How long is the promotion?
This promotion is valid till 31 March 2017 and increase in quota is valid for 12 months after activation.
Who is eligible for the offer?
The promotional offer is only applicable to Postpaid customers who sign up Broadband as supplementary line.
Can selected customer sign up for Broadband as principal line and enjoy the extra quota promotion?
No, the extra quota is only available for new Broadband supplementary plan sign up.
Can selected customer sign up for Broadband as principal line and enjoy the extra quota?
No, the extra quota is only available for supplementary Broadband plan sign up.
Is the extra quota promotion permanent?
No the increase in quota is not permanent, the extra quota is only being offered for 12 months period for new activations:
Example a new customer who signs up to Broadband Monthly RM100 will be able to enjoy quota of 60GB for 12 months from the date of activation after which the quota will revert back to 50GB.
Is the extra 10GB available for existing supplementary subscribers?
No the offer is only for new activations of supplementary plans.
How would the quota be deducted?
Please see the table below for the deduction. The extra quota 10GB quota will be give via Monthly Promo 10GB All Usage – 12 Months.
Enter an email address that you use frequently. The address should be in this format:
Please enter your principal mobile number. Your principal mobile number must be at least 10 characters long. Your principal mobile number must be in this format: 01XXXXXXXXX