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Digi Direct Operator
Prepaid & Postpaid Broadband Customers* can buy games, apps and in-app purchases conveniently through Digi Direct Billing, no credit card required. Also, enjoy greater savings with our partners.
Broadband Gaming Partners
*Only for customers subscribed to Broadband Monthly 30, Broadband Monthly 45, Broadband Monthly 60, Broadband Monthly 65, Broadband Monthly 100, Broadband Monthly 105.
  • Unless expressly specified herein, any capitalized terms in these Terms and Conditions shall have the meaning as specified in the General Terms on
  • Unless stated otherwise, all terms and conditions under these General Terms and Conditions for Digi Broadband Plans apply to all plans under Digi Broadband.
  • The Customers are advised to check if the Customers' area is within Digi's coverage before signing up for the Service. The list of specific 4G LTE network areas list is available here.
  • Digi does not warrant or guarantee the availability of internet usage. By subscribing to the Service, each Customer acknowledges and agrees that the speed of the Service is provided on a best-effort basis.
  • Upon exceeding the monthly internet quota depending on the Digi Broadband plan subscribed by the Customer, any further usage of the internet will be restricted and is subject to Digi's Fair Usage Policy which is available on In order to continue using internet after exceeding the monthly internet quota, the Customer can purchase Internet Top Ups (as defined below) to gain additional internet quota as specified under Clause 6 of this General Terms and Conditions for Digi Broadband Plans. Internet Top Ups are an additional internet quota which can be purchased separately. Unused internet quota will be forfeited according to the specific expiry date at the point of purchase.
  • Additional Terms & Conditions apply.
Frequently Asked Questions

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1: Who can enjoy the Direct Billing for Gaming Partners?

All Broadband Monthly 30, Broadband Monthly 45, Broadband Monthly 60, Broadband Monthly 65, Broadband Monthly 100, Broadband Monthly 105 customers.

2: I am Prepaid customers, how would I be charged?

Your account credit will be deducted immediately for your purchase from Broadband Gaming Partners.

3: I am Postpaid customer, how would I be charged?

You will be charged in your next bill.

4: Who are the Gaming Partners that have Digi Direct Billing?

Steam, Garena and Google Play.

1. What is Steam Wallet Code?

Steam Wallet is an e-wallet which is associated to Steam ( gaming platform by Valve Corporation. Users of Steam gaming platform will need to have funds added to Steam Wallet to purchase digital content. Users can also use other payment method like credit card.

2. What do I need to have to purchase Steam Wallet Code through Digi?

You need to key in your Digi broadband number and wait for the SMS confirmation. Reply the SMS with unique code to confirm the purchase.

3. I have made a purchase, the balance got deducted, but I did not receive any SMS. What should I do?

Contact Digi and upon verification, the code will be resend to you right away.

4. I have made a purchase but the denomination is not what I have requested for. What should I do?

Contact Digi and our CS personnel will verify your purchases and perform compensation if the amount and denomination does not tally.

5. I have made a purchase, and I received the code through SMS. However, when I redeem it at Steam, it says the code has been redeemed. What should I do?

Contact Digi and our CS personnel will check the activation date of the code. If the activation of the code is before user’s purchase, a one-to-one replacement will be done and new code will be sent through SMS.

6. Is there a purchase limit for this service?

Yes, each Digi mobile number can purchase up to RM300 worth of Steam Wallet Code per 30 days.

7. How will the charges be reflected for Prepaid and Postpaid?

The purchase will be displayed as “Steam Wallet Code” in your Postpaid/Prepaid statement.

1: How do I set it up?

Easy – just follow the simple steps below. Please note that this is a one-time setup.
   Step 1: From the app you want to purchase, click on the “price” button
   Step 2: Accept the access condition
   Step 3: Click “CONTINUE” to set up Payment Method
   Step 4: Select “Enable Digi billing”
   Step 5: Enter your name and address – for billing reference
   Step 6: Select “BUY” to proceed with the purchase with Digi billing
   Step 7: Enter your Google password and select “CONFIRM”

2: Why can’t I see the “Enable Digi Billing” as my Payment Methods?

A2: As this is a new service, it requires Google Play™ service update. It may take a bit of time. Please ensure you check the notifications and update accordingly. Please note that rooted devices or devices with custom firmware may not be updated.

3: Can I get details of all the purchases I made in Google Play™?

You will receive notification or confirmation from Google via email on purchases made in Google Play™ Store. These notifications are sent to you real-time after your purchase. A complete historical detail of your transactions in Google Play™ is also available in your Google Wallet page.
   We will also have a view of your Google Play™ purchases – however, there might be some delay. Transaction records will be available within 2-3 days after the purchase.

4: Will I get notifications after purchasing?

Of course! You’ll get email notification to your Google email, and the app purchased will appear in “My Apps” section of Google Play™ Store.

5: I changed my mind - what if I need to cancel my purchase?

No problem! You can cancel the purchase as long as it’s within Google refund policy window (2 hours). From Google Play™ Store, just select the purchased app and you will see the option to “Refund”.

6: Is there a limit for purchases?

Yes, there is a limit for purchases on Google Play.
Max of RM200 for each transaction.
Max of RM300 total for 30 days rolling window, subject to credit limit or credit balance ( Postpaid customers only).
Max of RM50 total for 30 days rolling window, specifically for purchases on Google Play™ Movies & TV, Google Play™ Books and Google Play™ Newsstand
We will review these limits from time to time.

7: What happens to my purchased / downloaded apps when I switch to a new Android™ device?

Don’t worry – as long as you are using the same Google account, it will detect the purchased / downloaded app. You will be able to re-install without purchasing again.

8: I want to find out more about purchases on Google Play™. Where can I look for information?

You can refer to:
1) Google Wallet page– to view transactions, manage payment methods and accounts.
2) Google Refunds and Returns section – helpful information and how-to.
3) Google Refund policies– policies related to refunds for various Google Play contents.
Enter an email address that you use frequently. The address should be in this format:
Please enter your principal mobile number. Your principal mobile number must be at least 10 characters long. Your principal mobile number must be in this format: 01XXXXXXXXX