The Ultimate Career Kick-starter

Inspire the future, today

A successful career begins with the right mentor.
Kick-start yours as a Digi CXO Apprentice,
working directly with our Chief Officers to make
your mark in our digital transformation journey.

Career kick-starter like no other!

Young Talent like you are our future. With the support of Digi's top management (CXOs), kick start your career with us, making a big impact in shaping digital for millions of customers in Malaysia.
Direct CXO mentorship
Everyday innovation in the work you do
Solve real challenges across the company
Front row seats to decision making
Work hard, play hard
Full-time employment with competitive salary & benefits
Upon completion, job placement based on interests, skills and expertise

Meet your mentors

You're going to be working with them every single day for the next one year!
Here's a glimpse at our inspiring, restless leaders who are charting the next chapter of our digital future.
Albern Murty
Chief Executive Officer
Nakul Seghal
Nakul Seghal
Chief Financial Officer
Loh Keh Jiat
Chief Marketing Officer
Praveen Rajan
Chief Digital Officer
Eugene Teh
Chief Business Officer
Kesavan Sivabalan
Chief Technology Officer
Haroon Bhatti
Chief HR Officer
Joachim Rajaram
Chief Corporate Affairs Officer

We're looking for bright young challengers!


What is this programme about?

How do I jump on board?

Don't fret, all you need to submit your application by 9 June 2018.
Here's how it's going to work
By 9 June 2018
Simply submit your CV or apply with your LinkedIn account. It's as simple as that!
June - July
The assessment would include a game-based digital assessment, functional assessments, interviews and CXO interviews for shortlisted candidates.
8 young talents begin apprenticeship.
Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Who is the CXO Apprentice Programme aimed at?

The CXO Apprentice Programme is aimed at fresh graduates and working adults with up to 12-months working experience.

2. What do I need to qualify for the programme?

We target highly capable, motivated, ambitious graduates with a strong commercial and business flair. Those who strive in a fast-moving environment, have a strong will to win and bring their ideas to live are talents who interest us.

3. What are the CGPA requirements for the programme?

There won't be a CGPA requirement as we believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity and it's your life experiences that make you a better candidate.

4. As a graduate from a university outside Malaysia, can I apply for the programme?

We welcome all graduates from any universities to apply for the programme. However, the apprentices would need to be Malaysian.

5. I am studying overseas at the moment. Can I apply for the programme?

Yes, you certainly can. Shortlisted candidates will be flown in by Digi to attend any assessments, if required.

6. How many hires are needed for the CXO Apprentice Programme?

We are hiring 8 Apprentices to shadow 8 of Digi’s Management Team:

  • Albern Murty, Chief Executive Officer
  • Nakul Sehgal, Chief Financial Officer
  • Loh Keh Jiat, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Praveen Rajan, Chief Digital Officer
  • Eugene Teh, Chief Business Officer
  • Kesavan Sivabalan, Chief Technology Officer
  • Haroon Bhatti, Chief HR Officer
  • Joachim Rajaram, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer

1. How do I apply for the CXO Apprentice Programme?

Only applications submitted through our online application platform will be processed. Please visit and click on the "apply now" button. You will be directed to an application platform and required to complete a series of details before your application is complete.

2. How do I make changes to the application once I have submitted?

You will not be able to make changes to the application once submitted.

3. What application deadlines do I need to adhere to?

All applications for the CXO Apprentice Programme needs to be submitted before/on 9 June 2018

4. How long will the recruitment process take?

Application closes on 9 June 2018. The assessments will take two months from June – July, and selected Apprentices will come onboard in August 2018.

5. How does the selection process work?

The selection process involves a number of steps:
  • Applicants to apply for the CXO Apprentice programme via where they will be directed to complete a simple application form hosted by Workday
  • Shortlisted applicants will go through a series of assessments which would include a game-based digital assessment, functional assessments and interviews, happening between June to July 2018.
  • Finalist candidates would then be invited for interviews with CXOs in July 2018. The 8 selected CXO Apprentices will join Digi in August 2018.
  • An offer letter stipulating your terms of hire and details of the programme will be issued to those selected.

6. When does the programme start?

Once the final selection has completed and Digi makes the offers to the 8 CXO Apprentices, if selected, you will officially be a Digizen in August 2018.

7. Will I be notified if I am not selected?

Yes of course. All applicants will receive a status update on your application.

8. I am only interested in joining Digi as a regular hire. Can I apply directly to Digi instead?

Yes you may. Please visit for all the positions available.

9. Will I be considered for other roles if I am not selected for the CXO Apprentice Programme?

Most definitely! During the assessment process, we will concurrently assess your skills and experience for other available roles within the organisation, and we’ll setup additional interviews, if required.

1. What makes a CXO Apprentice successful at Digi?

Take charge of your journey in Digi, by exploring anything and everything throughout your 12-months attachment with your CXO. Understand our digital journey by engaging people across the organisation to see how you can jump on board and contribute. Got a crazy idea? Sure! You have the Freedom to Inspire the Next generation of products and services for millions of customers in Malaysia! Experiment with innovative ideas, and challenge the norm, as we digitalise our core business. Most importantly, your CXOs are your mentors; be curious, ask questions and learn as much from their years of experience.

2. How is the programme structured?

This is a 12 months to give you a solid start to your career! You’ll learn about Digi by immersing yourself in the business. Interact with customers to understand their key challenges, and bring those insights back to be solved when you work on projects within and across your Division. 6 months into the programme is when we identify your future destination roles, and how we can prepare you for it; from being embedded with your future teams to working on challenging yet meaningful projects to push your limits. On top of this all would be the consistent mentoring you’ll receive from your CXO.

3. How many job postings does a CXO Apprentice rotate to during the programme?

The Apprenticeship is not based on rotations to different functions. Instead, you'll be assigned to sprints or projects, which will allow you to work within different teams in your own Division, and also across Divisions with other parts of the organisation while solving some key challenges of the company.

4. What is the salary and benefits package for the CXO Apprentice Programme?

Digi offers competitive salaries for all CXO Apprentices. Applicants will be able to obtain information about salaries and benefits during the selection process.
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