Daily TV

RM2 / video
(with 1 video per week for each channel)

Data / Streaming Charges


Special Promo

2-day FREE preview
(for first-time Daily TV subscribers; available on the Daily TV WAP site)

How to Subscribe

  1. via SMS

    Type ON<space><Channel Keyword> and send it to 20000.
    Example: Type ON FN to subscribe to the Funny channel.
  2. via Web

    Log on to to subscribe to the channel of your choice.
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  2. 2

Available Channels


The funniest jokes and pranks caught on video.
Channel Keyword: ON FN


English-language videos on lifestyle, news, sports and more.
Channel Keyword: ON VA


Videos of fashion shows and supermodels from around the world.
Channel Keyword: ON SM


Indonesian and Malaysian videos on entertainment, lifestyle and more.
Channel Keyword: ON NU


The hottest and latest Malay-language entertainment news on celebrities.
Channel Keyword: ON SL

For Men

Videos on the latest cars, gadgets and sports.
Channel Keyword: ON FM


The latest Bollywood entertainment videos.
Channel Keyword: ON BY


Lifestyle videos and true stories of people from all walks of life.
Channel Keyword: ON LF


  • Daily TV is compatible with all mobile phones that support audio and video playback. Please make sure that your phone can do this before you subscribe.

Frequently Asked Questions


Daily TV

1. What is Daily TV?

Daily TV is your everyday short-video alert service that will help keep you updated on the latest entertainment, the hottest news and/or a specific category that is important to you. With our busy lives, we have limited time to watch videos. Daily TV is here to filter the fluff for you, and present you with only the best.

2. Can I watch videos from Daily TV on any mobile phone?

Daily TV is compatible with all mobile phones that support audio and video playback. It is not compatible with black & white, polyphonic phones.

3. What kind of package does Daily TV offer?

Daily TV will send you one (1) video per week for each channel that you subscribe to. Each video alert with cost RM2. You will not be charged for Internet usage when you watch those videos.
Note: New subscribers will be able to enjoy 2 days of FREE preview for every channel on the Daily TV WAP site.

4. What are the available channels under Daily TV?

There are eight (8) channels under Daily TV: Funny, Variety, Supermodel, Nusantara, Selebriti, For Men, Bombay and Life. You must subscribe to them individually.

5. Do I have to pay for Internet charges when I watch the videos?

No, it is free of charge.

6. Who is eligible to subscribe to Daily TV?

All Digi customers are eligible to subscribe to this Daily TV except DG Prepaid SmartPlan subscribers.

7. How do I subscribe to / unsubscribe from Daily TV?

You can subscribe to / unsubscribe from Daily TV by texting ON (to subscribe) or STOP (to unsubscribe) followed by the keyword to 20000:
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Example: To subscribe to Funny, send ON FN to 2000. To unsubscribe, send STOP FN to 20000.
Enter an email address that you use frequently. The address should be in this format:
Please enter your principal mobile number. Your principal mobile number must be at least 10 characters long. Your principal mobile number must be in this format: 01XXXXXXXXX