DiGiMusic™ Play

RM5 / month
(for FREE unlimited downloads and playback)

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(for first-time DiGiMusic™ Play subscribers)

Play music all day and all night

With DiGiMusic™ Play, you can download unlimited music and other music-related content onto your mobile device. Subscribe now to enjoy these awesome features:

How to Subscribe

  1. via Web

    Click on the relevant link and follow the instructions given:
  2. via SMS

    Type DMP and send it to 20000.
    You will receive an SMS containing a WAP link – click on it to proceed to the download page.
    Click Install, then select your Phone Type to begin download.
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Frequently Asked Questions

DiGiMusic™ Play

DiGiMusic™ Play

1. What is DiGiMusic™ Play all about?

DiGiMusic™ Play is an application for your iPhone, BlackBerry® or Android™ device which allows you to browse, download and listen to unlimited music on your mobile phone for only RM5/month.

2. Why should I download the app?

Imagine downloading as much music as you can from almost half a million songs to choose from - anytime, anywhere. DiGiMusic™ Play enhances your music experience, regardless of your music taste.

3. How much is DiGiMusic™ Play and how do I get it?

You can download the application for FREE via these channels:

Text DMP to 20000

For iPhone users: DiGiMusic™ Play - Apple Appstore
For BlackBerry® users: DiGiMusic™ Play - BlackBerry App World™
For Android™ users: DiGiMusic™ Play - Android Market

However, you must subscribe to DiGiMusic™ at RM5/month to enjoy unlimited music downloads. To subscribe, text ON MUSIC to 20000. If you are already a DiGiMusic™ subscriber, all you need to do is download the app.

4. Who may download the app?

All DiGi Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers with an iPhone, BlackBerry® or Android™ device may download DiGiMusic™ Play.

5. What are the types of songs available for me to download?

We have an impressive repertoire from Universal Music and Sony Music Entertainment, with close to 500,000 songs to choose from. We are working hard to expand this library, so stay connected with DiGi for more updates!

6. Will I be able to browse and download songs that are not within Universal Music or Sony Music's repertoire?

At the moment, you may only download songs within these two gigantic repertoires, but rest assured that we are working hard to include content from other music labels.

7. Can I sync DiGiMusic™ Play with my iTunes/Windows Media Player/Winamp, etc.?

No. DiGiMusic™ Play is a tethered download application, so all your music will be managed within the app itself. The difference in file formats and file management restricts your music from being synced or transferred at the moment.

8. What do you mean by "Advanced Search Engine"? I tried to search for a particular song but it's not there!

The search engine has been optimised to provide accurate searches of songs contained in the repertoire. If you can't find what you are looking for, chances are that the song is not available. Try searching for other songs instead!

9. Can I still play my downloaded songs if I have uninstalled the app?

No, your music will be lost with the application if you choose to uninstall the app. However, you can still download it all again for free if you choose to reinstall DiGiMusic™ Play. That's the best thing about cloud-storage!

10. Can I still use the app if my line gets barred?

No. The app is designed in such a way that it will require status verification every time you launch it. Should your line get barred, you will not be able to use the app. Services will return to normal as soon as your line is unbarred.

11. Will there be additional data charges?

That depends. There may be additional data charges if you are not tied to a specific data plan.

12. How many songs can I store in this app?

Your default setting for song storage is 100 songs. However, you can go to "My Profile" and change it to 200 songs or 500 songs.

13. I downloaded a song, but it appears to be corrupted or incomplete. What is wrong?

Your connection may have been interrupted during the downloading process. Kindly delete the song by swiping the song title to the left, then tap on "Delete". Then try downloading it again – make sure the song is complete before you play it!

14. I am an existing DG SmartPlan / iDiGi customer and I have previously used this service for free. Why am I asked to sign up for the service now?

It is likely that your FREE trial period has ended. Please text ON MUSIC to 20000 to continue using DiGiMusic™ Play at RM5/month.
Enter an email address that you use frequently. The address should be in this format:
Please enter your principal mobile number. Your principal mobile number must be at least 10 characters long. Your principal mobile number must be in this format: 01XXXXXXXXX