DigiMusic™ Pluz

RM5 / month
(for monthly subscription, which includes 10 FREE MP3 downloads)

Additional Downloads

RM1 / MP3
(after downloading 10 FREE MP3s)

Special Promo

7-day FREE trial + 4 FREE MP3 downloads
(for first-time DigiMusic™ Pluz subscribers)

Share and transfer songs anywhere, to anyone

With DigiMusic™ Pluz, you can download your favourite tracks onto your mobile device or PC and share them with your friends. Subscribe now to enjoy these awesome features:

How to Subscribe

  1. via Web

    Log on to and click on ‘I want 10 FREE MP3, Sign me up’.
    Click Login if you already have a Digi OCS account. Otherwise, register by clicking Postpaid/Prepaid Subscriber.
    After login/registration, browse or search through the music catalogue and download your first 10 songs for FREE!
  2. via SMS

    Type On Pluz and send it to 20000.
    You will receive an SMS containing a WAP link – click on it to proceed to DiGiMusic™ Pluz.
    Browse or search through the music catalogue and download your first 10 songs for FREE!
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Frequently Asked Questions

DiGiMusic™ Pluz

DiGiMusic™ Pluz

1. What is DigiMusic™ Pluz all about?

DigiMusic™ Pluz is a monthly music subscription service which allows you to browse, download and share 10 DRM-free MP3s each month for only RM5. After downloading 10 songs, all additional downloads will be charged RM1/MP3.

2. How much do I really need to pay to enjoy the services?

You will be charged RM5/month for your DigiMusic™ Pluz subscription. By subscribing, you are entitled to 10 FREE MP3 downloads per month. Any additional downloads (after you have downloaded 10 MP3s for free that month) will be charged RM1/MP3.

3. Will I be charged for data if I browse/download songs via my Digi mobile network?

No, browsing and downloading music on DigiMusic™ Pluz is free.

4. Can I make downloads via WiFi instead of my Digi mobile network?

You can only make downloads via WiFi and/or other service providers when you are on your PC. Downloads via mobile phones are limited to the Digi mobile network only.

5. What are the types of songs available for me to download?

We have an impressive repertoire from Universal Music and Sony Music Entertainment, with close to 500,000 songs to choose from. We are working hard to expand this library, so stay connected with Digi for more updates!

6. Will I be able to browse and download songs that are not within Universal Music or Sony Music's repertoire?

At the moment, you may only download songs within these two gigantic repertoires, but rest assured that we are working hard to include content from other music labels.

7. Can I transfer the MP3s that I have downloaded to other devices?

Yes, you can transfer the MP3s to any other MP3 supported devices, such as your MP3 player, thumbdrive and external hard-disk. You can also sync them to your media library.

8. I tried to search for a particular song but it's not there!

The search engine has been optimised to provide accurate searches of songs contained in our repertoire. If you can't find what you are looking for, chances are that the song is not available. Try searching for other songs instead!

9. Can I still play my downloaded songs if I have unsubscribed from DigiMusic™ Pluz?

Yes. All the songs that you have downloaded are yours to keep!

10. Can I still download songs if my line gets barred?

No. Your subscription is tied to your Digi line. Should your line get barred, you will not be able to use the app. Services will return to normal as soon as your line is unbarred.

11. Is my mobile device compatible with DigiMusic™ Pluz downloads?

That depends. Most phones with MP3 playback are compatible with DigiMusic™ Pluz. In the event your mobile device does not support DigiMusic™ Pluz, you can always make download tracks via PC.

12. I downloaded a song, but it appears to be corrupted or incomplete. What is wrong?

Your connection may have been interrupted during the downloading process. Kindly delete the song and then re-download it within 24 hours. Please make sure that the song has been fully downloaded before you play it!

13. I have lost my mobile phone. Can I retrieve my previous MP3 downloads?

Unfortunately, you cannot retrieve any of your previous MP3 downloads. However, you can re-download the songs using the 10 free MP3 downloads given to you every month. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you back-up all your downloads.

14. My Internet connection was cut off while I was downloading a song. Can I re-download it for free?

Yes, you may re-download it for free, provided that it is done within 24 hours.

15. If I am an existing DigiMusic™ Play or DigiMusic™ Unlimited customer, can I use DigiMusic™ Pluz for free?

No, DigiMusic™ Pluz is a separate music service.
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