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More reasons for them to call you.


Don't greet your callers with dial tones that are actually dull tones. Change the tune with the latest hit, your favourite track, or a classic song. Put your callers in the right mood even before they hear your voice.


Let your personality shine through even before you say "hello". Put on a show. Show them what you've got. Let them hear you loud and clear the moment their call is connected.


Hip-hop. Electro. Jazz. You can even group your friends together and assign different tune to each group. It's your call, so set the tone. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.


There are two ways you can subscribe to Digi CallerTunes™

Single CallerTunes™

Entertain your callers to song(s) instead of the normal dial tone. Subscribe to one or as many as you like!


per month per song (first month RM3)

Compilation CallerTunes™

Entertain your callers to a playlist of songs played at random instead of the normal dial tone. Subscribe to one or as many as you like!


per month per playlist


Digi Music Freedom

Stream your favourite music without hurting your data quota.

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YouTube Pass

That's enough cat videos for the day. Says no one, ever.

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  • CallerTunes™ charges may vary from time to time.
  • For Digi Postpaid™ subscribers, charges incurred will be reflected on your monthly bill statements based on 30-day cycles.
  • For Digi Prepaid™ subscribers, charges incurred will be deducted from your account's credit balance.
  • Standard charges apply for WAP, SMS and IVR.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the CallerTunes™ service?

This is a service that allows you to change your normal connecting tone ('toot-toot') to a song, a funny script or even a sound effect to entertain your caller while waiting for you to pick up his/her call.

2. Can I subscribe to Digi CallerTunes™?

This service is currently open to all Digi Postpaid™ and Digi Prepaid™ customers except DG Prepaid SmartPlan subscribers.

3. Do I have to change my existing phone in order to enjoy the CallerTunes™ service?

No, this service does not require you to change your existing phone. It works on all phone types.

4. How long must I wait to enjoy CallerTunes™ after subscribing to the service?

CallerTunes™ will be played immediately upon subscription of content.

5. Can I revert to a normal ringing tone after I have selected a CallerTunes™ item without terminating the service?

No, you will not be able to revert to the normal ringing tone until you have unsubscribed from all your CallerTunes™ contents.

6. How do I subscribe to CallerTunes™?

You can subscribe to any CallerTunes™ content through the channels below:
  1. Log on to http://ct.digi.com.my on your PC; or
  2. Text CT Buy to 20000; or
  3. Log on to http://m.digilive.my/ on your mobile; or
  4. Dial 13333 for IVR

7. How do I change my CallerGroup and TimeZone settings?

You can change your settings by logging on to http://ct.digi.com.my on your PC.

8. Will I be charged if I change my TimeZone's start/end time(s) or my CallerGroup's phone number settings?

No, there will be no additional costs for changing your TimeZone's start/end time(s) or your CallerGroup's phone number settings.

9. If I subscribe to the service on 15 April, when is the next credit billing/deduction for the subscription fee?

Billing/deductions are made on a monthly basis. If you subscribe on 15 April, the next deduction will be on 14 May.

10. What are the features available if I use the CallerTunes™ website?

You can find the following features on the CallerTunes™ website:
  1. My Content - manage your CallerTunes™, remove the MyStatus.
  2. Popular Songs - search and browse for more songs.
  3. My Log - view your history transaction logs.

11. How many phone numbers can I enter into each CallerGroup?

You can enter a maximum of twenty (20) phone numbers. You may edit the list of phone numbers in each CallerGroup at any time.

12. Can I specify my list of Preferred Phone Numbers for CallerGroup?

Yes, you can specify your list of Preferred Phone Numbers as the settings are not fixed by Digi. It is not mandatory to enter a list of Preferred Phone Numbers.

13. How will the service work if I use CallerGroup and TimeZone simultaneously?

Your CallerGroup settings will be given priority before your TimeZone settings. If you are using neither, a default CallerTunes™ determined by Digi will be played.

14. Will I be able to enjoy the CallerTunes™ service while I am roaming?

Yes, you may be able to enjoy the service even though you are roaming, depending on the international network support.

15. If I change my Prepaid plan to a Postpaid plan, do I need to activate the CallerTunes™ service again?

No, you do not need to re-activate your CallerTunes™ service if your mobile number remains the same. The CallerTunes™ activation on your new plan will automatically take place 2 hours after your switch.

16. What are the subscription charges?

  • CallerTunes™ - Single: RM3/song for the first month, RM2/song for subsequent months
  • CallerTunes™ - Compilation: RM5/compilation for every month
  • CallerTunes™ - DJ : RM1/ package every week
If you have insufficient balance, you will be charged RM0.50 every week and RM0.20 or RM0.10 on a daily basis for all content.

17. If I cancel my CallerTunes™ subscription in less than one month, will I still be charged the full amount?

Yes, you will still be charged in full, at RM3/song or RM5/compilation.

18. What happens if my Prepaid account has insufficient balance when Digi attempts to charge the recurring monthly fee?

A micro-charging system will be triggered in the event your Prepaid account has insufficient balance when Digi attempts to charge the recurring monthly fee. Please refer to the table below for more information:
Subscription Type Micro-Charging System
(in the event of insufficient balance)
CallerTunes™ - Single (Renewal) RM0.50/week
CallerTunes™ - Compilation (Renewal) RM1.50/week

19. Do I need to have a minimum credit amount in my Prepaid account before I can purchase CallerTunes™?

Yes, you will need to have at least RM8 in your Prepaid account as you would have to maintain a minimum balance of RM5 after purchasing CallerTunes™.

20. Is there a limit on the number of times I can purchase CallerTunes™?

Yes, Postpaid customers can only spend a maximum of RM50 on CallerTunes™ in one (1) hour while Prepaid customers can only spend a maximum of RM100.

21. Where can I get more help or information regarding CallerTunes™?

You may contact the Digi Customer Service at 016 - 221 1800.

22. What are the charges for using the SMS channel to purchase songs?

You will be charged 15sen for every SMS sent to 20000.

23. How do I cancel my CallerTunes™ subscription if my Digi number is suspended?

You can unsubscribe from CallerTunes™ via SMS. Send CT STOP to 20000 and you will receive a list of your subscribed contents.

24. Will I receive the latest CallerTunes™ recommendations?

Yes, we will send CallerTunes™ recommendations from time to time via SMS with Song Titles, Artiste Names and CT Codes for your usage. If you wish to stop receiving CallerTunes™ recommendations, please SMS CTSTOP to 22016.
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