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Primetime is now on the go.


Who says TV programs should be watched on TVs only? Watch it on your laptop as a break from work. Watch it on your iPad while watching the kids play at the playground. Watch it wherever and whenever on your smartphone. Big or small, every screen is now yours to call upon.


You own multiple screens that are portable. It's only fair that you get to take your favourite shows with you. Take it to your bedroom. Take it to the park. Take it to the max in terms of portability. You don't stay in one place. So shouldn't your shows.


Forget about watching catch-ups, because the future has caught up. Your favourite TV shows should be built around your life, not the other way around. Don't miss an episode again. Ever. On-demand viewing is surprisingly the least demanding of your time.

Or you could subscribe to any 68 ala carte channels from RM6 per month:

Comedy Central Fox Sports HD Hypp Inspirasi Hypp Sensasi Hypp Sports iConcerts Nick Jr Now Jelli SETI STAR Chinese Movies (SCM) HD TVB8 tvN HD Warner TV


Download and install the HyppTV Everywhere app on your mobile device.

Select your choice of Digi Pack(s) or ala carte channel(s).

Charge your monthly payment to your Digi Bill.


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Watch all your favourite videos worry-free.

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Stream your favourite music without hurting your data quota.

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Digi active internet users are defined as Digi subscribers with active Internet plans excluding pay per use, Business plans, Broadband plans and Prepaid SmartPlan users.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is TM HyppTV Everywhere?

HyppTV Everywhere is a stand-alone broadcast TV service application developed by Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) to view & subscribe to HyppTV content which supports Android and iOS phones, tablets and PC on multiple devices without having to be a Unifi/Streamyx having a HyppTV Set Top box to get started
TM HyppTV Everywhere now also allows subscribers to subscribe to contents and pay via Digi operator bill. However, only Android devices will be able to make purchase via the app. iOS subscribers will need to purchase contents via hypptv.tm.com.my before proceeding to view the contents via the app

2. What if I am facing issues with the HyppTV Everywhere app?

For any technical enquiries, complaint of feedback, kindly email to he.help@tm.com.my

3. When will the HyppTV Everywhere be launched?

It will be launched on 13 Apr 2015.

4. What are the charges?

Charges range from RM6 to RM20 depending on whether you are subscribed to an ala carte channel or pack.

* Upon expiry of the free trial offer, HyppTV Everywhere users will need to re-subscribe to the channel/package unless they have selected auto-renewal

5. How do I register to the HyppTV Everywhere?

  1. Search for the Hypp TV app from Play Store or App Store
  2. Download and install the app
  3. Click on register or login with Facebook
  4. Fill in your mobile number, full name, password and email address
  5. Click Send to receive verification code via SMS
  6. Fill in the verification code within 180 seconds
  7. Click the terms and conditions and then the Register button
  8. If registration was successful, you will receive a notification that registration was successful
  9. Next , you may proceed to subscribe to any Digi packs or ala carte channels

6. What are the minimum technical requirements for tablet/smartphone /PC to install HyppTV Everywhere?

iOS - 4.3, 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 7.0
Android smartphone - OS 2.3, 3.0, 3.2, 4.0, 4.0.3, 4.1, 4.3, 4.4
Android tablet - OS 2.3, 3.0, 3.2, 4.0, 4.0.3, 4.1, 4.3, 4.4
PC - Windows XP, Windows 7/Vista, Mac, IE (only Windows), Safari (only Mac), Chrome, Firefox

For the complete list of supported devices please go to, https://www.tm.com.my/hypptv/everywhere/Pages/faq/HE_HESA_FAQ.pdf

7. How do I subscribe to Digi Packs or ala carte channels?

For Live TV or VOD , select the following icon in the app . Then, select the content that you would like to purchase. Select whether you would like to subscribe as an ala carte (single channel/VOD title or as a pack), then select the payment method DiGi Bill.

*Only Android devices will be able to make purchase via the app. iOS subscribers will need to purchase contents via hypptv.tm.com.my before proceeding to view the contents via the app

8. How do I unsubscribe channels that I have subscribed to?

To unsubscribe, go to Settings in the app and then Subscriptions. Next, select from Hypp Flicks Plus or Channels/Packages and click on Unsubscribe. There will not be any penalty for early termination and termination will be immediate. However, you would still be able to view the content till date to your next billing cycle.

9. Can both prepaid and postpaid users subscribe to HyppTV Everywhere contents?


10. Where do I change my HyppTV Everywhere login and password?

You can change the password from the app by going to Settings and then Account. Next select Parental Control and key in your new password.

11. What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

You will be able to change your password via 2 options:

  1. SMS - for verification code
  2. Email - to get the activation link

Go to the app and select Forgot Password. You will be required to enter your new password and verification code via SMS. Verification code will be valid for 180 seconds only. Once you have missed the timer to insert the code, you will need to re-request for the new verification code.

To change to a new password via email, you will need to check your registered email and click on the activation link. The activation link will only be valid for 3 days. You will need to request again after 3 days if you did not click on the activation link.

12. Can I access to HyppTV Everywhere outside of Malaysia?

HyppTV Everywhere is limited to access within Malaysia only.
Enter an email address that you use frequently. The address should be in this format: username@youremail.com
Please enter your principal mobile number. Your principal mobile number must be at least 10 characters long. Your principal mobile number must be in this format: 01XXXXXXXXX