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Listen without picking up.


No more calling 121 to listen to your voicemails. They arrive on your smartphone and it stays there. What you do with them is totally up to you.


Your voicemails are in sync with your smartphone's list of contacts, so that you will always know the person who sent you the voicemail.


Make your voicemail greeting a bit special. With Personalised Voicemail Greeting, you can say and sing out your own greeting message for your voicemails.


Download and activate the app with your Digi Mobile Number to enjoy the following:

Easy access to voicemail messages

Push notifications to your smartphone
Personalised voicemail greeting

Personalised voicemail greeting



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  • Digi Visual Voicemail is activated automatically for all new Digi Prepaid™ or Digi Postpaid™ sign-ups from 5 March 2014 onwards.
  • To deactivate Digi Visual Voicemail, head to Settings > System Settings > Deactivate - on the application. Once deactivated, you will be switched to our traditional voicemail service.
  • Roaming Internet charges apply when you retrieve and manage your voicemail while travelling abroad.
  • Roaming charges apply when you receive voicemail messages while roaming - charges will vary according to the roaming operating network.
  • Digi Visual Voicemail is only applicable for subscribers with an Android™ device (2.3.3 or newer) or iPhone (with iOS 7.1.1 or newer).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Digi Visual Voicemail?

Digi Visual Voicemail is an Android™ app that allows you to view, listen and manage your voicemail messages through your smartphone.
Digi Prepaid™ and Digi Postpaid™ subscribers will be able to enjoy Digi Visual Voicemail for FREE - until further notice.

2. What are the advantages of using Digi Visual Voicemail?

With Digi Visual Voicemail on your Android™ device, you can replay and delete your voicemail message as well as manage your voicemail settings through an intuitive user interface.

3. What is the difference between the current Digi Voicemail service and Digi Visual Voicemail?

Digi Visual Voicemail does away with the need to dial 121 on your smartphone to access your voicemail messages with its immediate and user friendly design.

4. Do I need to have a mobile Internet connection to use Digi Visual Voicemail?

Yes. You need a mobile Internet connection on your Android™ device to use Digi Visual Voicemail.

5. Will I be charged for mobile Internet usage when I use Digi Visual Voicemail?

No. You will not be charge for mobile Internet usage when you use Digi Visual Voicemail. However, if you use Digi Visual Voicemail while roaming, standing Internet roaming charges will apply.

6. Will usage of Digi Visual Voicemail application consume my mobile Internet quota?

No. Access to Digi Visual Voicemail will not consume your mobile Internet quota.

7. How do I get the Digi Visual Voicemail application?

Subscribers can either download the Digi Visual Voicemail app from this page or from Google Play (Internet charges may apply).

8. How do I subscribe for the Digi Visual Voicemail service?

All new DG SmartPlan subscribers from 5 March 2014 onwards will be able to enjoy Digi Visual Voicemail for FREE. Just install the Digi Visual Voicemail Android™ app and perform a quick voicemail account set up to enjoy the Digi Visual Voicemail service.
Existing Digi Prepaid™ and Digi Postpaid™ subscribers can also enjoy Digi Visual Voicemail from 17 March onwards for FREE. All you have to do is follow the steps above to activate Digi Visual Voicemail.
Alternatively, subscribers can activate Digi Visual Voicemail via OCS - under the Service & Package section.

9. What is the voicemail message validity for Digi Visual Voicemail?

All new and unread voicemail messages will be stored in the app for seven (7) days while voicemail messages that have been read will be stored for five (5) days.
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