Recommended Packages

RM18 / month

250MB Internet

Text RM18 to 2000 to subscribe

RM28 / month

1GB Internet

Text RM28 to 2000 to subscribe

RM48 / month

2GB Internet

Text RM48 to 2000 to subscribe

RM68 / month

3GB Internet

Text RM68 to 2000 to subscribe

Max. RM250 / month


Default plan – no subscription needed


  • 1Please note that Postpaid Internet Top Up is only applicable after you have subscribed to a Postpaid Mobile Internet Package.
  • All Postpaid Mobile Internet packages listed above are applicable to DG Postpaid Simple, DG Smart Family, DG Family Postpaid and selected legacy Postpaid plan subscribers only. They are NOT applicable to iDiGi and DG SmartPlan subscribers.
  • Additional Terms & Conditions apply. Please click here for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Postpaid Mobile Internet

Postpaid Mobile Internet
I want to sign up for a Postpaid Mobile Internet package. What are my options?
Currently, we offer four (4) Postpaid Mobile Internet packages to DiGi Postpaid™ call plan subscribers. To subscribe, please text the relevant keyword to 2000:

Who can sign up for these plans?
All new and existing DiGi Postpaid™ subscribers are eligible to sign up for Postpaid Mobile Internet.
Can I sign up for Postpaid Mobile Internet if I am a DiGi Prepaid™ subscriber?
No, you can't. However, you can sign up for a Prepaid Mobile Internet Add-on from as low as RM1/day.
What happens if I exceed my monthly Postpaid Mobile Internet quota?
If you exceed your monthly Postpaid Mobile Internet quota, your internet access will be switched and limited to 2G speed that is subject to DiGi's Fair Usage Policy.
What should I do after I have exceeded my Postpaid Mobile Internet quota?
After you have exceeded your Postpaid Mobile Internet quota, you can purchase a Postpaid Mobile Internet Top Up from as low as RM1 to continue surfing at regular speed. To purchase, dial *200*2# or visit from your phone.
Can I carry forward my unused Mobile Internet quota to the following month?
No, all unused Mobile Internet quota cannot be carried forward to the following month.
I do not have a 3G/3.5G enabled device. Can I still subscribe to Postpaid Mobile Internet?
Yes, you can. However, to enjoy the highest speeds available, we encourage that you get connected via a 3G/3.5G device. Otherwise, you will only experience EDGE/GPRS speeds when surfing.
How do I check if my area has 3G coverage?
For a more detailed and updated coverage area, please refer to our online coverage map.
I am subscribed to a Postpaid Mobile Internet plan. Will I be charged extra when I surf the Internet while roaming?
Yes, you will. Your monthly Postpaid Mobile Internet quota is meant for domestic use only. It does not include Internet Roaming charges.
If I subscribe to a Postpaid Mobile Internet plan in the middle of the month, will the charges be pro-rated?
Yes, your monthly fee will be pro-rated and this will be reflected in your bill.