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We believe in YOU and your ideas

We believe in a workplace where your voice is heard and where you can become who you aspire to be, no matter your standing. Our open, supportive and dynamic environment allows you to freely express your opinions, ideas and inspire new ways of doing things.

It is this inspired thinking that will innovate the next generation of products and services, fresh ways to improve our customers lives, empower communities, and make Digi an even better place to be.

Digi is the most inspiring place to work in Malaysia - Albern Murty, CEO
Freedom to inspire the next is a reality - Digizens
If you believe that you should be allowed the freedom to challenge the norm and to inspire the next product or service then take some time to meet Paul.
If you believe that you can bring people together to work towards a bigger purpose then take some time to meet SK Thew.
Do you believe that you can extend yourself beyond boundaries to achieve your true potential? Then meet Hartono.
If you ever need a reason to understand why we believe that our customers should come first then meet Suniel.

Get ready for a fast-moving, vibrant and dynamic life at Digi, where we work to connect our customers with the latest inspiring and uplifting internet content. We have promised our customers they will enjoy the best value plans, and best for internet network and customer experience with us. And we are able to do this with a strong army of Digizens who push the boundaries to win every day, and a culture and environment that supports the freedom to inspire the next everything.

We believe in creating an open work environment that inspires you, where you can communicate freely with your colleagues and managers, and ensures your safety and well-being. As Telenor operates in Asia, Europe and Nordic countries, you have the opportunity to exchange practices and ideas across different cultures, and engage with people regardless of gender, religion, nationality or disability. This is an environment that gives you the freedom to be at your best. [Find out more]
Passionate employees are key to our success, and that is why we continue building a culture that nurtures and develops strong talent. We ask, listen, engage and improve on our policies to ensure Digi continues to be a place where people have a growing, thriving and enriching career.
Ours is a culture that values people, your ideas and contribution as defined by the Telenor Way. All of us live by this same vision, mission, values, leadership and personal conduct code for working in Digi. No matter your standing, you will be given the opportunity to engage with management, given authority, invited to share opinions and growth opportunities to take control of your career.
Watch some of our videos featuring our passionate employees

Our heroes who gone the extra mile beyond their call of duty

Take a tour around D'House

Our commitment to Empower Societies

A Big Hello from Telenor

Check out what life is like at Digi through some of our captured moments

With Group CEO and President, Sigve Brekke, are our customer champions recognised for their enduring support and dedication in delivering the best customer experience with some going beyond their call of duty.

We imagine the internet in the hands of every Malaysians. We are deeply committed to enable them through the power of internet. A showcase of our initiatives to Empower Societies.

Panel of young talents sharing their social responsibility experience through their outreach initiatives at the launch of Empower Societies.

Network Drive Test, involving more than 600 passionate employees nationwide over 26 cluster locations, to experience, review and provide feedback on the Digi’s network.

No words can express our heartfelt gratitude to our long service employees. Celebrating them with a fun stand-up comedy night was an amazing memorable time for them.

Chief Marketing Officer, Christian Thrane with Head of Postpaid, Praveen Nadarajan showing the Digi Music Freedom app on their mobiles.

Awards all lined up to recognise the Top NPS Performers of the Retail Centres.

Telenor Board of Directors celebrating Customer First Day with Digi for the first time, flooding the city with the yellow army reaching out to express gratitude and appreciation of our customers.

Our commitment to promote safe internet especially amongst school going children as part of the CyberSafe roadshow.

The next wave of innovation begins with Digital HR, introducing several apps for employees’ convenience and accessibility. Full support from the senior management team with the placard signifying their favourite app.

Proud winners who created the Banjir Alert App for mobile devices as part of Digi’s Challenge for Change.

Ever passionate and ready to inspire Digizens during the brand launch.

Our Chief Sales Officer, Loh Keh Jiat showing off his talents at the launch of 4G LTE and Digi Music Freedom at Kota Kinabalu.

An inspiring 20 years of notable shirt of fame at our 20 years anniversary celebration.

Chief Finance Officer, Karl Erik awarding a passionate employee with a bluetooth speaker during our inspiring 20 anniversary celebration!

Digizens gearded up with Chief Executive Officer, Albern Murty at the Customer First Day event themed #WeLoveMy

Digizens expressing gratitude to our customer and getting feedback on our promise to provide consistent internet experience.

Chief Marketing Officer, Christian Thrane at the launch of our CyberSafe initiative in schools, witnessed and supported by key government officials.

At the launch of refocused Telenor Way in Digi with a member of Group Executive Management (GEM) who is also our new Group CEO and President of Telenor Group, Sigve Brekke.

Our dedicated heroes who went all out to restore back our network during the east coast flood.

A sea of yellow at the Penang Bridge Marathon 2013 where al our passionate employees were part of the fun run.

Digizens voluntarily joining hands to pack stationeries for students that were affected by the East Coast floods as part of Project Pensel.

Being customers champion every day is important to us. Our Chief Executive Officer, Albern Murty engaging with a loyal customer.

Digizens celebrating the launch of the refocused Telenor Way.

Loh and Christian who are part of Digi’s Management Team having a good time trashing it out during Customer First Day 2014.

Digizens filled with excitement during the launch of Digi’s new brand.

Flood relief efforts during the east coast flood with the little that we do, it touches the lives of many

Two Digizens in a competitive match trying to outdo one another

Grow With Us

We have a strong culture that focuses on developing talent, and believe that everyone should have the opportunity to grow and inspire. We believe that at your best, you have a greater capacity to inspire others and the world around you.

With us, you grow through experience, exposure and education, where a great emphasis is placed on learning on the job, supported by programmes that enhance your knowledge and capabilities through project assignments, networking and guided learning.

Attractive growth and development for all in Digi - Animesh Mukherjee, Head of Centre of Expertise, HR
Telenor Development & Performance (TDP) Process
All year round, you will have performance reviews with your managers to assess your performance and areas for growth. Together, you set clear goals on how you will deliver on business goals and plan to develop your capabilities for your next role or responsibility.
Opportunities within Digi and Telenor
We believe Digizens know Digi best, and that’s why we believe in developing in-house talent. As part of your growth journey, you have the opportunity and priority to develop your capabilities through a new role or enhanced responsibilities within Digi or at any other Telenor company.
Mobility Assignments
Regional or international exposure are critical for leaders to succeed in a fast evolving environment today. Eligible employees are exposed to working on short or long term assignments in different parts of the domestic market or at other Telenor affiliates to gain insights into international markets.
Telenor Development Programmes
We believe in building a sustainable leadership pipeline that will thrive in a fast evolving market environment. Local talents are nurtured into global leaders through a series of programmes with some partnering renown global institutions to provide that differentiated exposure.
This e-learning platform completes a comprehensive range of learning channels available to you, including classroom trainings, external conferences, and more. D’Academy gives you access to over 1,500 development modules on leadership, personal effectiveness, technical and functional knowledge to learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.
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