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Revised Registration Guidelines for Prepaid Customers
The Malaysian Communications & Multimedia Commission (MCMC) had strengthened the Guidelines for Prepaid Registration on 1 June 2017 with the aim of rolling out enforcement by 1 January 2018. Mobile service operators are given an extension to implement these revised registration guidelines progressively throughout 2018.
(previously known as OCS)
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0% GST
0% GST (Goods & Services Tax) implementation on Digi products and services effective 1 June 2018.

Find out about the 0% GST treatment for your favourite Digi products and services below.
Plans & Devices
Popular Q&As about your call plan – ranging from call & SMS charges to monthly Internet quota.
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Revised Registration Guidelines for Prepaid Customers

1. Why did MCMC revise the registration guidelines for prepaid?

Prepaid registration in Malaysian has been made mandatory since 2006. It was implemented to curb misuse of prepaid mobile services that might raise national security concerns such as terrorism and criminal behaviour. These concerns continue to be the motivation behind the revised guidelines, ensuring the integrity and validity of the identification information provided during registration.

2. Which registration guideline will be implemented first since Digi is only rolling them out progressively in 2018?

Effective 15 January 2018, the maximum number of registered prepaid lines for each ID is 5, instead of 10 SIMs, per mobile service operator. Example: you can register for 5 different prepaid lines with Digi using the same ID at any time.

3. Which category or type of ID is applicable in these revised prepaid registration guidelines?

There are three (3) categories of ID that are acceptable for prepaid registration. The mobile service providers and their representatives would require verification against the original ID. Please bring along the original documents for registration.

Original documents Malaysian Non-Malaysian (Foreign workers or students) Tourists
ID MyKad; MyPR; MyTentera, MyPolis card (issued by the National Registration Department) Passport, Work permit Identification card/IKad/EKad* Passport

*More acceptable ID types will be announced later.

4. What kind of information do I have to present during the prepaid registration process?

According to MCMC's revised guidelines, prepaid customers are to provide the following identification information to the mobile service providers or their dealers:

  • Malaysian citizens/permanent residents
    • Full Name & Identification Number as per NRIC or Armed Forces ID;
    • Permanent address as per NRIC or Armed Forces ID; and
    • Any other information as may be required by MCMC.
  • Non-Malaysian (Foreign workers or students)
    • Full Name & Passport Number as per passport;
    • Passport issuing country;
    • Company name and address as provided in the work permit document or student identification document with university address (for students); and
    • Any other information as may be required by MCMC.
  • Tourists who are visiting/staying in Malaysia for less than three (3) months
    • Full Name & Passport Number as per Passport;
    • Passport issuing country; and
    • Any other information as may be required by MCMC.

5. How do I check the number of prepaid lines that are registered under my ID?

Please contact our customer channels for verification, such as Digi Live Chat, E-mail (, Digi Helpline (016-2211800) or walk in to any of Digi Stores nationwide. Soon, Digi customers will be able to verify the number of prepaid lines registered under their ID via MyDigi. Please stay tuned for updates.

6. What happens if the registration details were found to be incorrect?

Customers are strongly advised to provide the correct information to the mobile service provider during registration. In the event of any inaccuracy, the service provider will endeavour to do its best to contact these customers to provide valid and accurate identification information. Customers will be given a specific time frame to revert with the correct information in order to avoid the possibility of their lines being suspended.

7. I have more than 5 prepaid lines registered to my ID prior to the revised prepaid registration guidelines were introduced. Will these revised registration guidelines affect me?

No, the revised registration guidelines for prepaid lines will not affect you if you have registered more than 5 prepaid lines before 15 Jan 2018. However, in the event that some of your lines are terminated after 15 Jan 2018, you can no longer register a new line if your quota has exceeded 5 lines.

(previously known as OCS)

1. Temporarily unavailable Services

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2. Decomissioned Services

No Features/ Services Alternate Channel
13 Send msg/ email to CS via OCS portal For further enquiries, visit the Community OR Social Support. For feedback, E-mail us or call 016-2211800
14 Caller Tunes You can download the CallerTunes App at
15 Digi iDeal Not available
16 Remind Me Not available
17 Send SMS – ie 3 free SMS/ day Not available
18 Merchant Rewards (app only) Visit to access Merchant Rewards.
19 Bonuslink registration Visit to register for Bonuslink.

0% GST


1. What does 0% GST mean, and how does it apply to Digi products and services?

In accordance to the media release by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) dated 16 May 2018, the 6% GST (Goods & Services Tax) that is levied on all supplies of goods and services in Malaysia, including imports, becomes 0% effective 1 June 2018.

Here is the 0% GST treatment for the following Digi products and services:

    Before 1 June 2018 6% GST Effective 1 June 2018 0% GST
Goods Device (handset, modem) Yes Yes
Blank SIM
(transfer price to dealer)
Yes Yes
Monthly Device Fee
Yes Yes
Device Upfront Fee
Yes Yes
Accessories Yes Yes
SIM pack Yes Yes
Reload coupon Yes Yes
  Charge to Main Balance
Services General service
(voice, messaging, internet, subscriptions)
Yes Yes
Freebies No No
IDD Yes Yes
International Roaming No No
Domestic Roaming Yes Yes
MVNO Yes Yes
  CPA services - General
Services Deezer Music Yes Yes
Spotify Music Yes Yes
KK Box Yes Yes
iflix Yes Yes
Caller Tunes™ Yes Yes
  Gaming Partners
Services Garena Yes Yes
Steam Yes Yes
Google Play No No
Apple Store No No
CPA services – Zakat/donation No No
  Pay over the counter
Services SIM replacement Yes Yes
Change MSISDN Yes Yes

2. Will the 6% GST be replaced by the Sales and Services Tax (SST)?

Please refer to MOF website for any official announcement.

3. Is 0% GST applicable to all Malaysians and non-Malaysians alike come 1 June 2018?

Yes, it applies to all consumers, regardless of nationality.

4. Would there be any GST reimbursed for refunds of charges made before 1 June 2018?

If the original charges were incurred before 1 June 2018, any GST imposed will be refunded to the customer.

To know more about the 0% GST treatment for your favourite Digi products and services, just click below.

Plans & Devices

1. How can i check my unbilled DiGi Postpaid™ transactions?

To check your unbilled DiGi Postpaid™ transactions, log on to DiGi Online Customer Services (OCS) portal, then go to My Account and select Unbilled Transactions. Then, click on the Call Details tab.

2. My line is barred. What should I do?

If your line is barred due to any outstanding payments, kindly settle your outstanding payments at any Digi store to avoid service interruption. Click here for the full list of bill payment channels.

3. How do I activate International Roaming?

Just call 016 221 1800 to speak to a Digi Customer Service assistant – he or she will attend to your request.
While you’re abroad:        
  •  Locate a payphone or local SIM and contact our Customer Service Assistant at +6016 221 1800
  • Send an e-mail to

4. I am a principal line holder. How many supplementary lines can I have?

You are allowed to have a maximum of six (6) supplementary lines under each Principal line that you hold.

5. I am a Digi® Easy Prepaid subscriber. How come I can only call and SMS my Buddyz™ for FREE from 12.00am to 6.00pm daily, whereas my friend who just subscribed to Digi® Easy Prepaid enjoys 24-hour FREE voice calls and SMS to their Buddyz™?

Digi has made some revisions to the rates and features of this plan. Customers who signed up for Digi® Easy Prepaid on or after 4 September 2012 will enjoy 24-hour FREE voice calls and SMS to  their Buddyz™. If you are interested, you can switch over to the new plan by dialing *128*1*4#. Please note that you will be charged RM5 for the switch.

6. How and when will I receive my Reload Bonus™?

Your Reload Bonus™ will be credited into your account one month after each pre-determined 3-month period. Please ensure that your account is active and that your mobile phone is switched on at all times to receive the bonus.
For example, your Reload Bonus™ for the May to July cycle will be sent to you in August.

7. My service has been going through intermittent interruptions – is DiGi undergoing system maintenance?

Yes. We are upgrading our system in order to serve you better from 22 – 23 September 2014. For more info, please refer to our FAQs.

1. What is Device/IMEI blocking?

Device/IMEI blocking is an extended service provided by Digi to stop lost/stolen devices from making and receiving calls, sending and receiving SMS, connecting to the Internet and accessing other services on the Digi network.

2. Do I need to pay extra for the Nano SIM card if I purchase the iPhone device bundle from Digi?

No, you don't. The Nano SIM card is FREE if you purchase the iPhone device bundle from Digi.

3. What is the EPP for DG SmartPlan?

The EPP for DG SmartPlan is an easy payment plan for customers who are also credit card holders. You can now enjoy hassle-free registration by doing a "one-swipe" on your credit card in order to pay by monthly instalments.

4. Do other device bundles (i.e non-DG SmartPlan bundles) come with EPP?

Yes. Currently, most DG SmartPlan and iDiGi device bundles come with EPP, unless it’s a zero contract or marked down device. We would also periodically extend the EPP option to some devices that are paired with other Digi plans, so keep your eyes peeled!

5. Can I pay for my DG Smart Family device bundle via Easy Payment Plan (EPP)?

The EPP is available for selected DG Smart Family device bundles only – please check for availability.

6. I already have a smartphone. Can I still sign up for DG SmartPlan?

Yes, you can. Just head over to our Postpaid Plans section for more info.

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