MyDigi Rewards FAQs

1.Introduction to MyDigi Rewards
How does the new MyDigi Rewards work?
  • Just pay your Postpaid bill on time or reload your Prepaid line.
  • This allows you to earn Digi Points, which you can use to upgrade to the next tier.
  • Enjoy great MyDigi Rewards deals via the MyDigi app plus exclusive tier benefits.
I want in! How do I sign up for MyDigi Rewards membership?
MyDigi Rewards membership is free and automatic! All MyDigi users automatically become MyDigi Rewards members. Please do ensure your app is updated to the latest version to enjoy the complete full MyDigi Rewards experience and its benefits.
How do I access MyDigi Rewards?
It's simple: just download the MyDigi app from the App Store or Google Play Store, or update to the latest version. Upon login, you'll be able to view your tier and start enjoying rewards.
2.Membership Tiers
How many member tiers are there in MyDigi Rewards?
There are three (3) MyDigi Rewards membership tiers: Yellow, Gold and Platinum.
Member Tier Digi Points earned
over 6 months*
Yellow Up to 299
Gold 300 to 1,499
Platinum 1,500 and above

*6-month cycles begin on 1st January (Cycle 1) and 1st July (Cycle 2) every year.

What benefits come with each tier?
Benefit Yellow Gold Platinum
Access to great deals & discounts
Birthday month specials
Tier-exclusive rewards  
Early bird access to latest rewards  
Exclusive Digi deals    
Priority queue on Digi Helpline    
Priority access to selected device deals    
Exclusive event invites    

*Benefits are subject to availability and may change from time to time.

How do I upgrade to the next tier?
It's no sweat at all. Just pay your Postpaid bill on time or reload your Prepaid line. Every RM1 spent on your Postpaid bill or Prepaid reload earns you one (1) Digi Point, which goes straight into helping you achieve the next tier.
How did I end up at my current tier?
All MyDigi users start off in the Yellow tier. If you are a Gold or Platinum member, your tier was calculated based on your spending on Postpaid bills or Prepaid reloads over the previous 6-month cycle (6 months beginning either 1 January or 1 July) at a conversion rate of RM1 to 1 Digi Point.
How long will I get to enjoy my current tier?
Once you achieve a tier, you get to keep it until the end of the current 6-month cycle (6 months ending 30th June or 31st December), and for the subsequent 6-month cycle.
Does my tier get upgraded and downgraded immediately or do I need to wait until the end of the 6-month cycle?
Tier upgrades are awarded when you achieve the required Digi Points – this usually takes place within 48 hours from a qualifying Prepaid Reload or Postpaid Bill generation. Tier downgrades will only be reflected at the start of the next 6-month cycle at 1st January or 1st June.
Can my tier be upgraded or downgraded more than one tier at a time?
Yes! Your tier will be upgraded once you reach the required Digi Points for the relevant tier.
Here's an example of how tiers are calculated.
Transaction Cycle 1, 2018
(1 Jan 2018 to
30 Jun 2018)
Cycle 2, 2018
(1 Jul 2018 to
31 Dec 2018)
Cycle 1, 2019
(1 Jan 2019 to
30 Jun 2019)
Tier at start of 6-month cycle Yellow Platinum* Gold**
Total Postpaid Bill spend or
Prepaid Reloads during 6-month cycle
RM 1,555.99 RM 300.50 n/a
Digi Points earned 1,555 300 n/a
Tier activity during this cycle Upgrade to Platinum upon achieving 1,500 Digi Points Maintain Platinum until end of cycle Tier revised to Gold at start of cycle

* Upgrade will be awarded immediately upon member achieving required Digi Points during any point in 6-month cycle.
** Downgrade of tier will take place during tier review at end of 6-month cycle.

What can I use my Digi Points for?
Currently, Digi Points are used exclusively for calculating MyDigi Rewards tiers so you can enjoy the corresponding tier benefits.
How do I earn Digi Points?
Every RM1 spent on your Postpaid bill or Prepaid reload earns you one (1) Digi Point, which goes straight into helping you maintain your current tier, or achieve the next tier.
Will my Digi Points be carried forward to the next Rewards window?
Your Digi Points will be used to calculate your tier at the start of every 6-month window and will subsequently be reset to zero. However, your tier will remain for the subsequent 6-month window.
When will my bill or reload amount be reflected as a Digi Point?
Prepaid reloads will earn Digi Points within 48 hours of your reload, while Postpaid bill values will be picked up within 48 hours from bill readiness.
I have 3 separate active lines under my account. How will Digi Points be calculated?
Digi Points are awarded to each mobile number according to the Postpaid bill amount or Prepaid reload values generated by the respective mobile number.
I've been a Digi customer for many years now. Do I get any additional benefits?
Thanks for staying with us! As a gesture of our appreciation, customers with tenure of 5 years and above enjoy additional bonus Digi Points to help you upgrade to the next tier more quickly. Look out for these points in your point history bucket – coming soon!
How do I purchase or download rewards?
(You will need to download and login to MyDigi to access MyDigi Rewards)
Step 1: Go to MyDigi Rewards and tap on any reward you're interested in to view details.
Step 2: Tap on the Get or Buy button to download the reward (charges may apply).
How do I redeem a reward I have purchased or downloaded?
Step 1: Go to the My Rewards tab to locate your reward.
Step 2: Tap on the reward to reveal the discount code, barcode or QR code. For redemptions at physical stores, please allow the store assistant to assist you when redeeming.
Help! I can't seem to download or purchase any rewards. What should I do?
You may be seeing an error message informing you to re-activate your Prepaid line or settle your overdue Postpaid bill before downloading a reward. Please ensure your Postpaid bills are fully paid or reload your Prepaid line to continue enjoying MyDigi Rewards. If you still experience problems, contact our Digi Helpline at 0162211800 for assistance.
What happened to my reward? It's disappeared from My Rewards.
If you're sure you haven't already redeemed or gifted out the reward, it may already have expired and is no longer valid for redemption.
What is My Rewards?
It's got all your good stuff! This is where we store rewards you've downloaded or purchased, as well as rewards you've received as gifts from other MyDigi users. Rewards will be cleared from this bag after they expire.
What happened to Superdeals and Monthly Rewards?
We've taken your feedback into consideration and simplified the way we present MyDigi Rewards. We still bring you paid and free deals but now they're now presented as a single category. This makes it easier for you to search for your favourite brands or reward categories.
Rewards which require upfront payment (formerly Superdeals) have a price indicated on the reward preview and detailed listing, while other zero-priced rewards (formerly Monthly Rewards) are now marked as "Get" or "View".
I love this reward! Can I gift it to someone else?
Definitely! Just tap on an individual reward to view its details. You will see a gift box icon below the reward title. Just tap on that icon and follow the instructions to share the reward as a gift. If the recipient is a non MyDigi User, they would be guided to download the MyDigi app in order to receive their gifted reward.
My Near Me isn't working. How do I turn it on?
If you're seeing an error message under the Near Me tab, tap the Settings button and update your location settings to allow MyDigi to locate deals closest to you.
I need more help!
Please reach out to our Digi Helpline at 0162211800. Our friendly customer service agents are ever ready to assist.
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