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Only RM2 to bercalling-callings with your gangz, and fambam for as long as you want!

Enjoy 1,000 FREE mins and 1,000 FREE SMS
to your 6 Buddyz™

Let's put your friends on the list.
Just follow 3 simple steps to setup on MyDigi app.
Step 1
Click on “Settings”
Step 2
Select “Friends & Family”
Step 3
Insert number or import from contacts and click “save”
For Non-Buddyz™, call will be at 30 sen/60 secs.
Don't have MyDigi app? Just dial *128*1*8# as an alternative.
Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is Buddyz™?

Buddyz™ is a key feature of the Digi Prepaid LiVE plan, where you are able to enjoy Free 1,000 mins calls and 1,000 SMS to your friends & family who are on a Digi line.

2. How many Buddyz™ can I have?

You can have up to a maximum of 6 Buddyz™.

3. How do I set up Buddyz™?

You can set up using MyDigi app or dial *128*1*8# and key the selected Digi numbers to enjoy 1,000 mins calls and 1,000 SMS.

4. Is there a charge to set up Buddyz™?

Configuration of first 6 Buddyz™ is FREE. Any subsequent changes will be charged RM10 each time.

5. How much would I be charged if I exceed the 1,000 minutes or 1,000 SMS?

You will be charged RM0.30 per minute (60-sec charging block) and RM0.20 per SMS.
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