Heavy or light, roam free of worry.

Choose how you want to roam, Unlimited Social Messaging from RM5/day or Unlimited Internet
Roaming from RM36/day - there's always something for your appetite.

Enjoy hassle-free roaming experience in more than 50 countries.

From just RM36/country/day, roaming has never been this easy!

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Promotion valid until further notice.

Round-the-clock chatting in more than 50 countries.

Affordable roaming from as low as RM5.

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Travelling abroad is now easier

  • One Flat Rate per COUNTRY
    (selected countries)
    No manual operator selection required

Stay in touch even when you're abroad!

    From as low as RM5 for 24hours
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Before Arrival:

  • Check our website for the applicable Roam5 and Roam10 countries and operators
  • Ensure Data Roaming & Cellular Data is turned OFF before arriving your destination.

At the Roaming Destination:

  • Upon arrival,
    Dial *128*5*1*6#
    and 'Call'
  • Select '2' for "Purchase Roaming Top Up" to subscribe and manually select the network operator specified
  • Turn ON Data Roaming and Cellular Data after subscribing
Before 24 hour expiry, just repeat the steps 1-3 above to purchase

How to check your quota

  • Via UMB
    Dial *128*5*1*6#
    To check, press 1 and Send.
  • Via MyDigi app
    Click on the 'Internet' button to view roaming quota balance.
  • Via MyDigi web
    Click on the usage tab. You can view your roaming quota balance.

Activate your unlimited internet roaming now!

E-mail us at:
Call Digi Customer Care
+6016- 2211800

International roaming checklist

  • Activate International Roaming
  • Save the Digi Customer Service Helpline number (+6016 221 1800)
  • Dial *128# for quick access to your credit balance, credit limit and more
  • Make use of *111* Voice Call (our call-back service) to enjoy cheaper rates
  • Note that billing delays are inevitable as we depend on our roaming partners to update us on your usage. This means that your billed amount / credit balance may not be accurate if you check your Digi account immediately after making a call


Daily Hassle-Free Unlimited Internet Roaming :
  • This promo is valid until further notice for Digi Postpaid Subscribers only.
  • Unlimited Internet Roaming rates are not applicable for video streaming.
  • Please note that separate Unlimited Postpaid Internet Roaming charges will apply if you connect to the Internet at different countries on the same day.
    For example, if you are in China and you roamed with China Mobile and you then travel to Hong Kong and roamed with China Mobile HK on the same day, you will be charged RM72 (RM36/2 countries) for the day.
  • For Roaming Internet usage of less than 1MB will be charged on a Pay-As-You-Use (PAYU) basis at RM36/MB (for countries rated RM36/day) and RM56/MB (for countries rated RM56/day) in 10kb charging blocks.
  • Availability of the listed Promo Operators for Unlimited Postpaid Internet Roaming is subject to coverage of the operators in the respective countries.
  • Unlimited internet roaming charges is only applicable for Internet usage while roaming aboard. For any domestic Internet usages, standard Internet usage charges apply.
Roaming Top Up Packages :
  • Roaming Top Up Packages are offered in partnership with selected Network Operators in selected countries only. Digi reserves the right to amend the list of participating Network Operators and available countries at any time without notice.
  • Subscribers shall manually select a listed participating Network Operator to access the Roaming Top Up Packages. Digi shall not be responsible for any default/automatic selections arising from network systems, subscriber’s failure to select, subscriber’s error in selection or any other cause whatsoever.
  • Roaming Top Up Packages shall only be for use outside of Malaysia and the subscriber agrees to abide by and be subject to all terms and conditions of use at all times.
  • Purchase and/or use of a Roaming Top Up Package shall constitute acceptance of all applicable terms and conditions.
  • Balance validity period, quota or minutes under Roaming Top Up Packages are neither transferable nor refundable.
  • Other Terms & Conditions Apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roaming Pass

Roaming Pass

1. What is a Roaming Pass?

A Roaming Pass allows you to subscribe internet roaming and /or roaming voice minutes for use abroad.

2. What does the Roaming Pass offer?

Roaming Pass Validity
(from time of
(Only available for Prepaid)
24 hours A Social Pass which enables subscribers to enjoy 50MB of internet access and Unlimited Social Messaging (text messaging only) on any chat-based apps (e.g. WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, etc.) for 24 hours. Video chats are excluded from this offer
Roam-1Day-RM15 24 hours 1 days Roam Pass for 24 hours comprising:-
  • 500MB of Internet roaming access
  • 10 minutes* voice call for:
      - Roaming Voice calls to any Malaysia numbers;
      - Roaming Voice calls to any numbers of the visiting participating country;
      - Received Call when roaming in the visiting participating country
Roam-3Day-RM25 72 hours 3 days Roam Pass for 72 hours comprising:-
  • 2GB of Internet roaming access
  • 30 minutes* voice call for:
      - Roaming Voice calls to any Malaysia numbers;
      - Roaming Voice calls to any numbers of the visiting participating country;
      - Received Call when roaming in the visiting participating country
Note: 4GB and 60mins available for Telenor network
*60 second charging block

Please take note that below usages are not cover for Roaming Voice minute:
- Roaming voice calls outside the participating network operator.
- Roaming voice calls to any other International destinations numbers besides Malaysia and Visiting participating country number.
- Roaming voice calls to premium or satellite numbers.
- Voicemail calls / retrieval when roaming.
- Sending and Receiving SMS when roaming.
- Sending and Receiving MMS when roaming.

3. What is the pre-requisite to subscribe to the Roaming Pass?

  • Your Digi Postpaid/Prepaid line has at least a basic mobile internet /data plan;
  • Your International Roaming service has been activated
    (For Prepaid, International Roaming service is auto activated)
  • You must has sufficient credit limit/ balance and your account status is in ‘Active’ mode

4. How do I subscribe to Roaming Pass?

There are 2 ways to subscribe:
Activate Now:
  • Self-subscribe via your phone by dialing *800# (while abroad)
  • Self-subscribe via MyDigi App
Pre-Book & Activate later (up to 7 days in advance):
  • Self-subscribe via MyDigi App
Please note the below steps (if you subscribe Roaming Pass when abroad):
  • Prior to departure, ensure that Data Roaming or Cellular Data/Mobile Data is turned off on your mobile phone
  • Upon arrival at the destination, subscribe to the Roaming Pass. You will receive a SMS confirming successful Roaming Pass purchased. We suggest you manually select the specific/applicable network operator. Then, you may turn on Data Roaming or Cellular Data/Mobile Data on your mobile phone.

5. How long it take to activate once I have subscribed to Roaming Pass?

If you choose to Activate Now (via MyDigi App) or buy via *800# when abroad, the Roaming Pass activation is almost immediate once you have received an SMS notification for the successful Roaming Pass purchase.

If you choose to Activate Later (via MyDigi App), the Roaming Pass activation will occur between 12.00 am - 2.00 am (Malaysia time) according to the date specified when you placed the booking (provided you have received the SMS notification for the successful Roaming Pass purchase).

6. Can I buy one Roaming Pass to be used in any country?

Roaming Pass purchased can be only use in the selected participating countries and network. For example, Roam-1Day-RM5-AUS can be used only when you are roaming in Australia.

7. Can I carry forward or transfer unutilized Roaming Pass balance to another number?

No, all unutilized Roaming Voice minutes or Internet Roaming quota from Roaming Pass cannot be carried forward nor transferred. Your unused Roaming Voice minutes or Internet Roaming quota will automatically expire and be forfeited at the end of the Roaming Pass validity period.

8. Is Roaming Pass quota valid for domestic use?

No, Roaming Passes are not available for use in Malaysia.

9. I have purchased an additional Roaming Pass even before my existing pass expired. What happens to my Roaming Pass quota and validity?

The Roaming Pass quota will accumulate with each purchase. The validity period will then apply in accordance with the latest Roaming Pass purchase. For example, if you purchase a Roam-1Day-RM10-NZL pass in New Zealand at 6.00pm, and you then purchase another Roam-1Day-RM10-NZL pass at 11.00pm on the same day before the first pass expires, you will incur a total charge of RM20 (for two passes), and your pass expiry will be on 10.59pm of the following day in New Zealand.

10. How do I check my balance and validity for the Roaming Pass?

  • Dial *800# (select 1 for “Check Internet Quota”; select 2 for “Check Voice Minutes”)
  • MyDigi App (go to “View Details”- select “Internet” to check Internet Quota balance; select “Voice” to check voice minute balance)

11. What will happen if I have used up my Roaming Pass Voice minutes and Internet roaming quota?

If your Roam Pass Voice minutes and Internet quota are exhausted within the validity period, any subsequent roaming usages will be charged at standard roaming rates. Alternatively, you may purchase any additional Roaming Pass to continue enjoying Roaming voice calls and Internet roaming.
For Roam-1Day-RM5/RM10, you can still enjoy Unlimited Social Messaging [on any chat based application] even though you have used up the 50MB full speed Internet roaming quota. Should you wish to continue enjoying full speed internet/data roaming on other mediums, you may purchase another Roaming Pass for more quotas

12. How many times can I subscribe to Roaming Pass? Will I be able to repeat my subscription?

There is no subscription limit and you may purchase additional Roaming Pass at any point of time. Kindly note however that the validity period for each Roaming Pass will commence from point of activation.

13. Can I cancel my Roaming Pass purchased?

Once you have place booking/purchase for Roaming Pass, it cannot be cancelled/refund.

14. Can I unsubscribe from a Roaming Pass? What do I do if I no longer wish to have internet/data roaming access?

No, the Roaming Pass will expire automatically when the validity period ends. To avoid being charged with additional roaming rates or fees, you are advised to disable or turn off the 'Data Roaming' or 'Cellular Data/Mobile Data' function on your phone before the validity period expires. You will otherwise then subject to standard international roaming charges.

15. If I am already on Digi Unlimited Daily Internet Roaming, can I still subscribe to Roaming Pass?

Yes, but separate charges for both packages will apply. The standard Internet Roaming charges shall apply if your 'Data Roaming' has already been enabled prior to your Roaming Pass purchase. Should you purchase to any Roaming Pass on the same day, you will be charged for both the Digi Unlimited Internet Roaming + Roaming Pass. For example, if you were already roaming on Telstra in Australia with Digi Unlimited Daily Internet Roaming and subsequently purchase Roam-1Day-RM5, you will be charged RM36+RM5= RM41 for the same day. We advise that you enable your 'Data Roaming' or 'Cellular Data/Mobile Data' function only after you have purchase a Roaming Pass to avoid multiple charges.

16. Can I switch to enjoy the Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming service once I have subscribed to Roaming Pass?

Once you have subscribed to a Roaming Pass, you will have to wait for your Roaming Pass subscription to expire before the Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming service can take effect.

17. Where is the Telenor network that I can enjoy the 3 days Roam Pass with 4GB and 60mins at RM25?

You may enjoy double up the quota in the below Telenor network:
Country Operators
Bangladesh Grameenphone
Bulgaria Telenor
Denmark Telenor DK
Hungary Telenor
Montenegro Telenor
Myanmar Telenor (TNM)
Norway Telenor
Pakistan Telenor
Serbia Telenor
Sweden Telenor
Thailand DTAC(TH-DTAC)/dtac TriNet

18. In which countries are the Roaming Passes available?

The Roaming Passes are currently available only in the countries and operators listed below:-



(Only available for Prepaid)

(Only available for Prepaid)





Claro AR









3 AT















Claro BRS





























China Mobile (CMCC)








Czech Republic

T-Mobile CZ (TMO CZ)





Telenor DK




East Timor





El Salvador






Orange F





Telekom.de (TDG)









Hong Kong















































CTM / 3 Macau / 45505










Unitel (UNTLMN)















Telenor (TNM)




Nepal Telecom (NT) / 429 01





T-Mobile (TMO NL)




New Zealand

Spark NZ (Telecom NZ)
























Papua New Guinea















T-Mobile.pl (Era)










Ooredoo (Qtel)














Saudi Arabia

Zain SA / Mobily-KSA














South Korea





Telefonica (Movistar)




Sri Lanka











Salt (Orange)









DTAC(TH-DTAC)/dtac TriNet












United Kingdom




















19. Where is the countries that I can enjoy the 1 day Roam Pass with Unlimited Social Messaging with 50MB Internet at RM25?

Country Network
Anguilla Digicel
Antigua & Barbuda Digicel
Armenia ArmenTel (ARM01)/Beeline
Aruba Digicel
Barbados Digicel
Belarus VELCOM (257 01)
Bermuda Digicel
Bonaire Digicel
British Virgin Islands Digicel/CCT
Cayman Islands Digicel/C&W
Colombia Claro (Comcel)
CostaRica ICE/Claro
Curacao Digicel
Djibouti Djibouti Telecom (Evatis)
Dominica Claro/Digicel
Egypt Vodafone EG
Estonia Telia (24801)/elisa EE
Finland FI elisa
Ghana GH Vodafone
Grenada Digicel
Guatemala CLARO GT (70401)
Guernsey SURE
Guyana Digicel
Haiti Digicel/NATCOM
Honduras Claro
Iceland Siminn/Viking
Iraq Zain
Isle of Man Manx (Pronto)
Country Network
Jamaica Digicel (33805)
Jersey JT (Speednet-Wireless)
Jordan Orange JO
Kazakhstan Beeline KZ/Tele2 (40177)
Kenya Safaricom/Airtel
Kyrgyz Republic Bitel
Latvia LMT
Lithuania Telia LT (Omnitel)
Madagascar Mdg Airtel (64601)
Mauritius ORANGE (my.t)
Nigeria Airtel NG (62120)
Panama CLARO (71403)
Paraguay Claro PRY (74402)
Puerto Rico CLARO (PRICL)
Samoa Digicel Samoa
Seychelles Airtel Telecom
Slovak Republic (Slovakia) T-Mobile SK
South Africa Vodacom
St. Kitts & Nevis Digicel
St. Lucia Digicel
St. Vincent & The Grenadines Digicel
Suriname Digicel
Tajikistan TCELL (Indigo-T)
Turks & Caicos Digicel
Uganda Airtel (64101)
Uzbekistan Unitel (Beeline UZ)
Zambia Airtel

20. What does 7 Days Roaming Pass offer?

You will get 1GB at RM50 which can be use in these participating countries within the 7 days validity.

21. What will happen if I have purchased the 7 days Roaming Pass and I travel to the non participating country within the 7 days validity?

The 7 days Roaming Pass is only valid in the selected participating countries, any usage outside the participating countries will be charge as per standard roaming rates.

22. Can I select my days of use?

Once you've purchase the 7 Days Roaming Pass, it is valid immediately for 168 hours (7 days x 24 hours). For example, if you purchase a 7 Days Roaming Pass on Saturday (1st December 2018) 10.00am, your 7 Days Roaming Pass will valid immediately till next Saturday (8th December 2018) 9.59am.

23. Do I need to do any network selection after purchased the 7 Days Roaming Pass to enjoy the roaming services?

No, there’s no network selection needed.

Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming

Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming

1. What is Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming?

Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming allows you to experience Internet roaming at a max cap of RM36/country/day or RM56/country/day depending on the roamed country. It allows subscribers to enjoy Internet browsing whilst travelling abroad with no manual operator selection required.

Select your Region

Kenya RM56/day
Madagascar RM36/day
Mozambique RM36/day
Nigeria RM36/day
Seychelles RM36/day
South Sudan RM56/day
Sudan RM56/day
Tanzania RM36/day
Uganda RM36/day
Zambia RM36/day
Central America
Costa Rica RM36/day
El Salvador RM56/day
Guatemala RM36/day
Honduras RM36/day
Nicaragua RM56/day
Panama RM36/day
Bangladesh RM36/day
Bhutan RM56/day
Brunei RM36/day
Cambodia RM36/day
China RM36/day
Hong Kong RM36/day
India RM36/day
Indonesia RM36/day
Japan RM36/day
Kazakhstan RM56/day
Kyrgyz Republic RM36/day
Laos RM36/day
Macau RM36/day
Mongolia RM56/day
Myanmar RM36/day
Nepal RM36/day
Philippines RM36/day
Singapore RM36/day
South Korea RM36/day
Sri Lanka RM36/day
Taiwan RM36/day
Tajikistan RM36/day
Thailand RM36/day
Uzbekistan RM36/day
Vietnam RM36/day
Austria RM36/day
Belgium RM56/day
Bulgaria RM36/day
Croatia RM36/day
Cyprus RM56/day
Czech Republic RM56/day
Denmark RM36/day
Estonia RM36/day
Finland RM36/day
France RM56/day
French Polynesia RM36/day
Germany RM56/day
Greece RM56/day
Hungary RM36/day
Iceland RM56/day
Ireland RM56/day
Isle of Man RM36/day
Italy RM56/day
Jersey RM56/day
Latvia RM36/day
Liechtenstein RM56/day
Lithuania RM56/day
Luxembourg RM56/day
Macedonia RM56/day
Malta RM56/day
Montenegro RM36/day
Netherlands RM56/day
Norway RM36/day
Poland RM56/day
Portugal RM56/day
Romania RM56/day
Russia RM56/day
Serbia RM36/day
Slovak Republic RM36/day
Slovenia RM56/day
Spain RM56/day
Sweden RM36/day
Switzerland RM56/day
Ukraine RM36/day
United Kingdom RM56/day
Middle East
Bahrain RM56/day
Egypt RM56/day
Iraq RM36/day
Jordan RM56/day
Kuwait RM56/day
Oman RM36/day
Pakistan RM36/day
Palestine RM56/day
Qatar RM56/day
Saudi Arabia RM36/day
Turkey RM36/day
United Arab Emirates (UAE) RM56/day
North America
Canada RM56/day
Mexico RM56/day
USA RM56/day
Australia RM36/day
East Timor RM36/day
Fiji RM36/day
New Zealand RM36/day
Papua New Guinea RM56/day
South America
Argentina RM56/day
Brazil RM56/day
Chile RM56/day
Colombia RM36/day
Ecuador RM36/day
Peru RM56/day
Uruguay RM56/day

2. Do I need to subscribe in order to enjoy this offer?

There is no subscription required. You will just need to ensure your mobile line is activated with International Roaming and enable data roaming in your phone settings.

3. Is this offer available for all rate plans?

This offer is only available for all Digi Postpaid subscribers.

4. When will the Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming pass expire daily?

This is a daily validity offer according to the capital city time of your roamed country. E.g. if you are in Australia and start browsing from 01:00AM Canberra time, your daily validity will expire at 11:59PM Canberra time. Should you continue to browse after 12AM Canberra time, you will be charged RM36 x 2 = RM72.

5. What happens if I start browsing before midnight and throughout the next day while in the same country? How will I be charged?

You will be charged for 2 days of usage. E.g. If you start browsing from 11:30PM until 2AM in Australia, you will be charged at a max cap of RM72 (RM36x2 days).

6. Do I need to unsubscribe from the Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming pass?

No, the Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming pass will expire automatically once the validity has ended.

7. In which countries can I enjoy Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming?

The full list of countries available for Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming are as follows:

Australia Madagascar
Austria Montenegro
Bangladesh Mozambique
Brunei Myanmar
Bulgaria Nepal
Cambodia New Zealand
China Nigeria
Colombia Norway
Costa Rica Oman
Croatia Pakistan
Denmark Panama
East Timor Philippines
Ecuador Saudi Arabia
Estonia Serbia
Fiji Seychelles
Finland Singapore
French Polynesia Slovak Republic
Guatemala South Korea
Honduras Sri Lanka
Hong Kong Sweden
Hungary Taiwan
India Tajikistan
Indonesia Tanzania
Iraq Thailand
Isle of Man Turkey
Japan Uganda
Kyrgyz Republic Ukraine
Laos Uzbekistan
Latvia Vietnam
Macau Zambia
Argentina Luxembourg
Bahrain Macedonia
Belgium Malta
Bhutan Mexico
Brazil Mongolia
Canada Netherlands
Chile Nicaragua
Cyprus Palestine
Czech Republic Papua New Guinea
Egypt Peru
El Salvador Poland
France Portugal
Germany Qatar
Greece Romania
Iceland Russia
Ireland Slovenia
Italy South Sudan
Jersey Spain
Jordan Sudan
Kazakhstan Switzerland
Kenya United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Kuwait United Kingdom
Liechtenstein Uruguay
Lithuania USA

8. How will I be charged if I roam with more than one operator in the same country on the same day?

You will only be charged a max cap of RM36/country/day or RM56/country/day depending on the roamed country’s respective rates. E.g. If you are in Singapore and you connect to Starhub in the morning and Singtel in the afternoon on the same day, you will be charged a max cap of RM36/day.

9. If I use the Internet while I roam in more than one country on the same day, how will I be charged?

You will be charged a max cap of RM72 (RM36x2 countries) for the day or RM112 (RM56X2 countries), depending on the roamed country’s respective rates. E.g. if you use the Internet while you roam in China in the morning and Hong Kong in the afternoon, you will be charged for both countries.

10. Do I need to manually select a specific operator or can I use any available operators in the country I roam in?

You will be connected to any available operator in the country automatically without the need to manually select a specific operator.

11. What happens if I can’t connect to any operator automatically? Do I still need to manually select an operator?

This offer allows you to seamlessly connect to any operator without the need to manually select a specific network operator. In normal circumstances, your phone should automatically connect to an operator if you set it to Automatic selection mode. However, if your device still fails to connect to a network operator with this setting, kindly do a manual search and connect to any available network operators.

12. Is there any applicable Fair Usage Policy?

Yes. Fair Usage Policy applies and the Internet speed will be reduced when you reach the daily fair usage quota of 1GB.

13. What are the services available for Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming?

Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming of 1GB quota supports email, browsing and social messaging. For Video Streaming, it will be the best effort for service delivery.

14. Once I have reached my daily Fair Usage Quota, can I still enjoy data roaming without any additional charges?

Yes. You can still continue browsing without incurring any additional roaming Internet charges even though you have reached your fair usage quota of 1GB. However, your Internet usage speed will be reduced till the end of the day.

15. Can I restore my Internet roaming speed upon reaching the daily Fair Usage Quota?

No. Your Internet speed will be reduced till the end of the day.

16. If I’ve reached my daily Fair Usage Quota, will I be charged for the Internet usage after the FUP quota?

Any Internet usages after the FUP will not be charged.
Enter an email address that you use frequently. The address should be in this format: username@youremail.com
Please enter your principal mobile number. Your principal mobile number must be at least 10 characters long. Your principal mobile number must be in this format: 01XXXXXXXXX