*Please make sure you are connected to the internet via Digi network. No Wi-Fi, no VPN.


60 days full access worth RM20 - sponsored by Digi. Watch thousands of TV shows & movies on up to 5 devices.


Unlimited access to thousand of hours of the world's best TV shows and movies.

Watch on your phone, laptop, tablet, TV... Wherever, Whenever!

Sign up to iflix using your Digi account now!


As a Digi subscriber, you may have your iflix subscription paid directly using your Digi Postpaid or Prepaid account after your 60 days full access is over.


per month
*GST included
Limited time 20% off your standard monthly subscription fee, in addition to your 60 day full access.
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Here's how to get it

Just sign-up via Digi network in 3 simple steps:

  • Log in or Sign up at iflix.com

  • Select Redeem Now

  • Success, binge watch all you want


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  • The iflix 60 days full access –sponsored by Digi (the "Promotion") is a promotion by Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd ("Digi") which allows Digi Subscribers access to the iflix service with no subscription fee for a 60 days from the subscription date.
  • The 60 days full access promotion is for users that are new to iflix and can only be redeemed once. Click on the "GET YOUR 60 DAYS FULL ACCESS" button to get started.
  • This Promotion is governed by the terms and conditions stated herein and any subsequent accompanying promotion details (if any) as provided by Digi (collectively referred to as the "Terms") and all applicable Terms and Conditions including but not limited to Digi's Privacy Statement and Data Protection Obligations found on Digi's website (collectively referred to as the "Terms"). Each Eligible Subscriber agrees that he/she has read and understood the Terms and by their participation herein, each participant agrees to be bound by the Terms.
  • The Promotion commences on 2 September 2015 at 12.00am until further notice ("the duration of Promotion"). Notwithstanding the above, Digi reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to vary, change, postpone or re-schedule the said duration of Promotion with no prior notice.
Additional Terms & Conditions apply. Please click here for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is iflix?

iflix is an internet TV service that allows users to watch TV shows and movies on-the-go through multiple devices. For detailed FAQ and more information regarding iflix, kindly visit their official website at http://www.iflix.com

2. Who should use iflix? Why?

Digi subscribers of course! All Digi subscribers will get 60 days FULL access (worth RM20) sponsored by Digi.

3. What are the major benefits of subscribing to iflix?

You get to watch TV shows and movies through multiple devices such as laptop, tablet & smartphone. You have the option to charge your subscriptions through your Digi bill. Prepaid customers will have their prepaid balance deducted.

4. What is the start and end date of this offer?

This offer starts from 2nd September 2015, until further notice.

5. Can I only use iflix when I am connected to Digi's network?

Of course not! We're not that mean. Once you have signed up for iflix and redeemed the Digi offer, you are free to use your Digi-iflix account wherever, whenever! All you need is an Internet connection.

6. How do I subscribe to this 60-days FULL access offer?

Connect to your Digi network
Go to www.iflix.com on your laptop browser or open the iflix app on your smartphone
Complete the sign up journey or sign in to your iflix account via email and password or Facebook
Click on the “REDEEM NOW” button on the Digi banner and you’re good to go!

7. Can I unsubscribe to this service before the 60-days FULL access ends?

Go to www.iflix.com, click on Menu and Account, scroll down to My Subscription and cancel your recurring subscription.
Alternatively, SMS “STOP IFLIX” to 20000.

8. Can I unsubscribe during my paid service period?

Yes you can. Simply follow the unsubscribe process above.

9. How do I receive the FREE extra internet quota top up to stream iflix?

In order to receive the FREE extra internet quota, you need 2 things. First, as a Digi subscriber, you must have an active internet plan. Without this, you will not be able to receive the extra internet quota top up. However, charging of iflix subscription to your Digi account will still proceed. Second, you need to choose the iflix subscription that entitles you for the FREE extra internet quota top up.

10. Is charging done automatically?

Yes, once you have opted-in for the service. You will receive a reminder via SMS prior to being charged.

11. I am a Prepaid / Postpaid customer moving into Postpaid / Prepaid. I am already subscribed to iflix. Will I lose my subscription?

No. Your experience will not be interrupted. Charging will proceed as per normal on your Digi account.

12. What are the file sizes of a Movie or TV show?

They're sometimes small and sometimes large. The total size of a TV show or movie varies from title to title, depending on the length of the episode or movie and depending on the quality at which you stream. The better the quality of your connection, the better the quality of stream we will jam down your pipe. As a rough benchmark, a 90 minute movie will require approximately 700MB (Megabytes).
Read more at https://www.iflix.com/frequentlyasked.html#lK0iQ1OB8x6KotcF.99
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