Huawei Nova 3i

From   OFF RRP: RM999

Huawei Nova 3i

From   OFF RRP: RM999
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(3GB everyday from 1pm-7pm)


  • 6.3” IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen
  • Rear Dual Camera: 16MP + 2MP, Front Dual Camera: 24MP + 2MP
  • 3340 mAh


Lean, mean processing power

It may be only 12nm thick, but the Kirin 710 chipset packs a punch. Delivering smooth responsiveness, whether you’re taking AI assisted photos or gaming, the Nova 3i is truly a pocket powerhouse.

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Rise of the AI

Featuring Huawei’s latest AI, the Nova 3i is dynamic and adaptive. Whether optimising your phone signal and Wi-Fi connection, or searching your gallery for THAT photo, AI has got your back.

Like games?

When you open up a mobile game, the Nova 3i unlocks it’s full chip capabilities. With GPU Turbo technology and Uninterrupted Gaming mode, this is mobile gaming on a new level.
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Frequently Asked Questions

biGBonus 4G Phone Bundle

1. What is the biGBonus 4G Phone Bundle?

A biGBonus 4G Phone Bundle enables you to purchase a new 4G phone bundled with an Internet Plan at a discounted price. The bundle also comes with a free Digi Prepaid LiVE SIM pack if you register for a new line.

2. Who can purchase the biGBonus 4G Phone Bundle?

It can be purchased by any Malaysian by registering a new mobile number with Digi.
  • Existing Digi Prepaid customers can purchase the Internet 4G Big Phone Bundle without registering a new mobile number.
  • Non-Digi customers can also perform a Mobile Number Portability (MNP) to switch to Digi while maintaining your mobile number.

3. What phones can be purchased with the biGBonus 4G Phone Bundle?

We currently have 2 phones offered as part of the biGBonus 4G Phone Bundle
  • Huawei Nova 3i
  • Xiao Mi A2
  • Vivo Y91

4. How much Internet will I get from the biGBonus 4G Phone Bundle?

For RM114 you will get the biGBonus Internet Plan 48, which offers the following every month for 3 months:
  • 7GB all usage Internet
  • 90GB biGBonus Internet (3GB allocated a day which can only be used between 1pm-7pm)
  • One-off 90 day Account validity extension

5. What happens to any internet from the Internet 4G Big Phone Package that is not used by the end of the month?

For any unused data, including the 7GB all usage Internet, will be forfeited if unused at the end of the month. For 90GB biGBonus Internet; any unused 3GB biGBnous quota allocated daily will be forfeited at the end of the day. No internet quota will be rolled over to the following month or day.

6. What happens if I unsubscribe from the biGBonus Internet Plan 48 before 3 months?

You will lose all allocated Internet quota and biGBonus Internet Plan 38 will not recur on the following month.

7. What happens if I have fully utilised biGBonus Internet Plan 48 after 3 months ?

You may continue to subscribe to biGBonus Internet Plan 38 provided you have at least RM38 in your main prepaid balance at time of Internet Plan renewal.

8. Do I need to redeem my biGBonus Internet Plan?

No, you will receive your biGBonus Internet Plan upon line activation. Do note however, that purchases made via Digi Store Online may only be reflected in your Prepaid account up to 30 minutes after you activate the biGBonus Internet Plan.

9. Am I required to sign a contract to purchase the biGBonus 4G Phone Bundle?

No contract is required, as all payment is made upfront.
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